September 14, 2008



Oh how fabulous!! Yes, I shop for Beth all the time and she shops for me. Thank you! xo, suzy

Brenda Kula

I don't even stop if there's a huge amount of toys out front. I know I'll likely find children's clothes and such. I don't go garage saling very often anymore for some reason. I guess I have too much stuff as it is and there's no place to put what I do have!


Cute stuff! I used to feel bad doing the drive-by, slowing down at the curb, and then driving off (fast!) when I see all the kids' stuff. Not any more. Life's too short. I read another blog that suggested going to EVERY sale whether it sounded promising or not, because sometime's there's great stuff that isn't listed. I tried this for about an hour one morning and again - life's too short! If a sale sounds bad in the ad, the chances are really, really good it's even worse in person! The only words I've ever found that are a really good indication of a good sale are "years of accumulation." Heavenly!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Eek! I love that kissing Santa and Mrs.! I collect way too many things to list. I love your jadeite but it is so hard to find. I love anything retro and robin's egg blue or red. I also grab anything vintage with roses. I have way too much stuff!!


I love the kissing Santa!!! I'm always on the lookout for old linens - tablecloths and the like. Other than that, I am forever on the hunt for a red toleware tray. I'm trying to stop myself because my love of all things vintage and old is running over. I need to have the yard sale come to think of it! LOL!



Hi sweet sue! I love the kissing santa too!
I have been going to more sales lately. I am always on the lookout for great craft stuff for the kids and stop at 97% of sales.
I don't stop if it all looks like clothes or plastic toys.
Lately I have been looking for broken doll parts to reuse in other craft stuff. This past month have found lots of them.

mary cooper

O my god I can't believe I missed this. Isn't that a horrible feeling? I adore holiday collectibles, some thing about being able to put them away and then take them out for just a little while. I haven't done much garage saleing lately,but I always avoided the ones with kids stuff and mountains of clothes. You've got me thinking I should get back to the yard sale groove. Mary

Joanna {sweet finds}

I've noticed that over the years I've gotten very picky about what I purchase. But I think that due to the fact that I am trying to declutter. I re-sell items in my booth at the antique mall... so my reasons for buying may be different than others. I generally buy items that I can make a profit off of.

From time to time, I will buy some things for my family... it just depends on what I come across.

I never read the newspaper for yard sales... sometimes I will check craigslist. And I always check estatesales.net xoxo, Joanna

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