July 09, 2009



Happy belated birthday!!! Enjoy the new camera. It looks awesome. I'm sure you'll have the hang of it in no time. How nice that your hubby read and explained the basics to you. I'm the more handy one in our marriage and it's stressful to wade through technical stuff on my own. Thank goodness for my teenagers! They're a big help.

laura @ the shore house

Great birthday gift!! When I got a digital camera (my first) as a gift from Mike last year, I started a blog! So my camera has been very good to me. :-) And I'm with you...I'm just thrilled mine is small enough to tuck into my purse. There are many "bells and whistles" I have yet to figure out!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Happy Belated Birthday! You;ll have fun with your new camera once you get used to it. Mine intimidated me at first but I love it now.
I had to laugh about the boys pushing the windows up and down. When my son's friend got his new car, I was dying to go sit in it and push the buttons for the windows. He broke mine when he was about 14 playing with it. Of course, I didn't do it...but I thought about it! ;o)


Happy belated Birthday Susan!!
What a GREAT gift, your new Nikon! Like you, I SO relate to being overwhelmed by learning new techo stuff~ it can be daunting and frustrating! It's nice to know that your camera came with your husband's help! ;-)

When I grow up I too want a new camera. Right now my mom and I have been learning Photoshop elements 7. That is stretching my mind too!

Thank you for all you have done for Mary~For being you!!



It's nice to know you are a sister in the heart shaped rock department too!


What a wonderful birthday gift!! Sending belated birthday wishes....Have fun with the new camera! :)

~ Carolee

maple leaf

Hi there, I enjoy your blog very much, but the expression is "for all intents and purposes" not "for all intensive purposes".


I hate going thru the tech stuff. I start reading..my eyes glaze and I'm asleep. I learned very early with Jim..leave the 'toys' lay around and in one day I get show and tell. All the appliances, small and large....demo imediately. Digital Camera set and ready to go, just point. I always wanted a telescope, our first xmas a huge computerized monster. I looked at it warily, but not to worry. He had read and programmed it all..LOL Men never really lose the inner child. Exasperating, but loveable.


Your husband reminds me of Mark---in fact, not only does he do things like charge the batteries and get things set-up, he feels pretty bad when I, on rare occasions, do it myself...like I took away his fun!


oh boy! Have lots of fun with that new camera. I still haven't read the manual for my camera, I'm just so lazy! xo, suzy


Hahahaha! So true about those button pushers!
Ali has that camera- and she loves it! Of course her brain (and I think other female's brains of her generation) works differently than ours. She has it down pat.
I still take my manual out every now and then to try to figure things out, and get frustrated all over again. I've had my camera about 2+ years now.
Good luck with yours!

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