July 21, 2009



This is such an interesting idea. I have so many collections already that I really don't want any more. I'm kind of at the point where instead of adding to a collection, I might get rid of something I don't like as much to make room for something I like more. One thing I've been picking up here and there this year (but only if they're like, 25 cents) are old yardsticks - I have no idea why!


I'll list mine next time I post...I think maybe Friday.

I've tried to STOP collecting as the Lord knows I have more than enough STUFF. :)

I hope you are having a wonderful Summer.

Mary Anne Drury

Books and fabric ....fabric and books ..... and more fabric and more books ......and more fabric !! (I'm determined to win that contest ..... you know, the one where "she who dies with the most fabric .... WINS !!!" ) ....oh, and there's that overflowing pile of magazines (including the ones you just bought) .... does that qualify as a collection ?

....anyhow ..... LOVE all your pretty stuff ....er collectables......and I have many of the same things on my collectable wish list

Brenda Kula

I just love that white piece of furniture in your living room you brought home not too long ago. What do you call it? It is so unique! Okay, we all know I'm nutty for fabric table cloths. And I have my handmade quilts. I've become crazed with dishes of no particular variety. Just pretty things that catch my eye. And if something is red, I will be apt to try to acquire it. I don't seem to have much discipline in the area of keeping myself from collecting things! Ah, the Black-eyed Susans do indeed remind me of you!

Becky K.

I haven't made a list. I just see what I like at sales and pick them up helter skelter. This is something I am trying to get better about and have been better at bringing less home. It has to be love...

Jenna Ericson

♥ McCoy.


I do not collect anything. I really wish I did, though. You have so many fabulous collections. I do love vintage jewelry, vintage Christmas ornaments, and vintage books (especially children's books).


Hi Susan!

Collections I have:

Books ...way too many and many of them cookbooks and children's books.

Rubberstamps ... I hardly use them anymore to make cards but I still like to look at them.

Decorative papers. I love paper and can't turn away from pretty or unusual pieces.

Belleek Irish china --I don't have a lot, but I love the pieces I do have!

Things I'd like to collect:

Santa Claus figurines

Pop Up books! I have a few and throughly enjoy them!

Artwork. I see so many beautiful paintings in gallery's but they are usually cost prohibitive.

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