September 21, 2009


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Those are some great paintings! You did really well out there. I like the painting propped, but think the frames need to relate better in color. Maybe tone down the bright gold and blend it in better with the mirror if you decide to keep it there.


I think it does work on your mantle but one suggestion you need another little frame overlapping the gold frame on the left side. . . Perhhaps in the color of dark blue... It could be as simple as a framed sand dollar maybe with a burlap background which is so popular around blog land these days. (Hopefully this makes sense!)

Have a great week!


I'm not a decorator, but I do love art. Your treasure is a real find. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

The Crazy Suburban Mom

Very nice artwork! I'm always surprised and the art I find at sales!


That is a beautiful art. Happy blue monday to you.


You found some pretty paintings. Happy Blue Monday.

Sandy McAllister

Wow original art that is lovely is a great find.The are fab pieces. I think that the gold frame doesn't relate to the overall feel of your mantle which has a soft more natural look. Try darkening the frame and layering the picture with what you have already or adding other related pictures or items.Now that you have a picture you can see more clearly what is needed. It's a trick I use pretending that I'm Looking at a picture or taking a digital so I can exclude extraneous items. Hope that helps. You have a warm looking home.Sandy


Hey this looks wonderful. You have a beautiful mantel and home. I always enjoy seeing what you are doing.

Brenda Kula

I love your finds! But in terms of the gold, I don't think the frame works. It's too glaring against the mirror. Perhaps another frame? You sure manage to find good stuff!


Great art found ! Love your kichen hoosier !


great finds! I agree with Rhoda and Beth, tone down the gold and I would do the burlap trick.

laura @ the shore house

I laughed at your, "...but I do not judge, I just appreciate that they are there for me..." HA! Yup; I agree.

I can NOT believe those paintings were a dollar a pop!! Wow. And I love the painting on the mantle...I would have been ALL over that. I like it there. Maybe try putting one or two other smaller gold framed items "nestled" on either side of it...because I like the gold and think if you pull in the tone in other pieces it will balance it among your silvers. I just love it!

We had a house full of people on Saturday so all I managed was to get to the Allaire flea market (nice!) at the crack of dawn (after a few cocktails previous night. Eek!), and a church fair on the way (where I scored a Cuisinart ice cream maker - NEW with Crate & Barrel tags - for 10 bucks. Sweet indeed!). There were tons of yard sales and I didn't make a single one. WAH. :-(


They are beautiful pieces. it's nice to know that whoever the artist must have been to this places. Isn't that great? What an inspiration, huh?

Happy Blue Monday!



They are all wonderful paintings and frames, Susan. The nice thing about propping the painting against your mirror is that you can easily move it if you get tired of it, so for now it can be a perfect reminder of summer's golden moments.


It looks like the painting~treasures landed in just the right hands, Susan. It was interesting to be on the other side, putting together an estate type ~ garage sale of all of our stuff before we moved. In general I handled it pretty well. The night I broke down, Mary consoled me. All of that stuff? I don't miss it. Isn't that interesting? But can't talk to Mary anymore.

May peace be with you!


Cass at That Old House

That family -- insensitive clods, but I don't judge (wink) -- have lost treasures, but thank goodness you found them and will love them. They are wonderful!

I love the seascape on the mantel. But -- I am a fan of asymmetry; I would put the frame to the left on the mantel shelf, just past the mirror so part of the painting was past the mirror, most of it in front of the mirror. I would leave both vases as is, but put just one item near the watercolor, and the others on the other side of the mantel shelf.

Yikes -- you must be sorry you asked! It looks lovely as is, too -- Wonderful, amazing finds!


Lucky lady, those are beautiful paintings.


You deserve a gold medal in the sport of treasure hunting! Wonderful finds.


Hi Susan,
The paintings are lovely- nice job finding them!
Since you've asked..you have "natural" elements on your mantel, and the painting does look very pretty there- the colors of the painting do look good- but you might want to change out the frame, or lower the shine of it-
I love the vases, the aluminum, the shells/starfish(es?)and the orange pop of the chinese lanterns.
I was wondering what you had in the center of the mantel before you placed the "new" painting there...

susan ericson

Hi Jenny, It was a big conch type shell. I think that I will make a trip to AC Moore and see if I can find some silver antiquing agent to change up the frame. Apparently, I was meant to care for these creations.
♥, Susan


The paintings are beautiful. Great find.

This was the first time in years that I didnt make it to the Highlands. Just wasnt feel well that day to go out. :( Next year!


Hi Susan :)

The girls all gave you great tips! I love the artwork a great deal :)

It sounds like a great shopping day, but you won't catch me up that early ;)


Jenna Ericson

I want the beach painting :D


You guys have more sales up there...I'm coming next week and I can't wait to go to the sale at Allaire Park...I am in need of a good junk sale...how I'm going to get stuff home if I buy anything is something I won't discuss with the Boss.....The picture up on the mantel....try moving it either to the right or left. then group your shells at the opposite side...see how that looks...

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