October 27, 2009


Brenda Kula

Well, if I was in the near vicinity I'd be rolling up my shirt sleeves and be ready to roll! My neighbor behind me had a couch in the dining room that everyone complained made the room too congested. But, where to put it? I said the living room. No, she said, already have a couch and two chairs in there. Not enough room. Let me at it, I said. She has now had those two couches (one angled in a corner) that way for probably two years! She didn't think it could be done. Well, move out of my way. I'll play with it till something works or it does me in. Why do we do it? I think it's in our blood. I've been doing it as long as I can remember. If it ain't nailed down, I'll move it. I might even take the nail out and move it anyway!


Hi Susan
I can honestly say I am the complete opposite. I hardly ever rearrange my furniture. My house is small so there isn't much that I can change, as everything *just fits* and unless I throw all my furniture away and begin new it is going to stay as is.
I do dream about moving into a different house and having the room to do more decorating, but at this point in my life that doesn't seem to make sense anymore.
I think that is why I like to travel so much .. it is all new and unpredictable!

Xo Pat


I'm a serial rearranger too! Been doing it since I was little. I even helped my friends in grade school redo their bedrooms.

That's one mighty big couch, so there may be very few options for a new layout in your small den. Good luck with this problem room. I wish I was closer. You know if I was, I'd be there in a heartbeat to help.


Guilty here also! I love change. Now that the boys are older and can do the heavy things. Much more easier for me. So it's done often. :)

Mary Anne Drury

PHEW !! I'm exhausted just reading about it !!! Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you .... but I'm sure you'll love it when it's FINALLY finished!!!

P.S. better you than me :)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I have that disease too. I have been known to move a seven foot tall book case. Exchanged places with the china cabinet and the piano. By myself, I might add. I am never happy with my house. As for Brenda's cozy cottage...I could move right in and be happy for the rest of my life. LOL

Becky K.

Oh I do know about this! Not so much since life has gotten crazy...but let a hint of calm enter my life and I am ready to move furniture, paint and lay new flooring.

Of course there was that week that my father-in-law was terminally ill and I began painting the living room...guess it really doesn't matter when. Calm or stress.

Becky K.

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