October 03, 2009



That's sounds like a lot of work for a piece of milkglass! Love the yard sale items. xo, suzy


Oh, Susan!
Those little cocktail picks are adorable! After snooping around in your beautiful blog, I'm thinking they have a chance at being worked into a table setting for sure! Your previous post on the romantic dinner celebrating thirty some years since you met your husband was very touching.

Enjoyed my visit and will have to come back again and do some more snooping.



Your story sounds like one of the grass is always greener over there stories. You never know until you go or try and just think, at least you were able to hang out together. Wonderful post tho, I enjoyed it, makes me happy to be home and appreciate what I have right here. Happy Pink Saturday and wishing you a great week ahead, Char


I'm sure you and Laura had fun just browsing, Susan! I never have any luck with sales such as these as it just gets too overwhelming. I keep thinking the next tent will have the special treasure I'm looking for and I go home empty handed.

I would have been so tempted in the book tent, however. Did you buy any?

Cute paper and picks! The picks would be nice gift tie ons


Nice pink post. Happy Pink Saturday!

Furniture Stores

Love the vintage wedding gift wrapping paper... Totally adorable!


Happy Pink Saturday, Susan. No apologies necessary. I haven't been having a problem with TypePad, but I did read that someone else did.

I love that vintage wrapping paper. It reminds me so much of when I was a child.

I know what you mean about those huge sales. I haven't been to one in years. At least you did find a few things, and you had a big experience.


It's funny how junking works sometimes ... long drive + big hassle = no score vs. the happy occasions when a random stop at a yard sale down the street yields treasure! A good lunch with a friend is always a plus tho'.

Jenna Ericson

WOW. I wish I coulda gone to that!!! Looking forward to seeing you in a week!


Better late than never I always say (notice that it's Sunday evening and I just making my visit!

Love the amusement park - right up my alley!


laura @ the shorehouse

I'm *still* trying to process that event, lol! I love that you described it as an amusement park -- that's pretty spot-on. I did hear that the kitchen tent was the place to be. Wah WAH. Next time. (?!?!? :-)

I actually "rebounded" at the (and mostly on the way to) Wall Historic Society (postponed until Sunday due to weather on Saturday). Lots of table linens to be sacrificed to the Singer, mostly. And you know what...I didn't have to wait in one single line. :-)

In any event, it was great to be your partner in thrift! I know there will be more adventures.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Thanks for stopping by! I'm really happy that you & Laura got together, what fun that must have been. Sorry it was a bust for the most part, that's the thing, you just never know.


We have sales like that around here too - every once in a while you find a treasure, but you really have to work for it, hehe. :)

GREAT wrapping paper!

~ Carolee

Brenda Kula

Oh, what I would give for that steamer trunk in the second photo! Been wanting one of those babies FOREVER!


hi susan
have missed you and all you have been up to. am out of hibernation and back to blogging. loved all tablescapes, your great found treasures and all.


I LOVE the vintage wrapping paper - so fun!

Fifi Flowers

What a FAB place to treasure hunt! LOVE that vintage wedding paper!


Hi Susan!
Been there- done that-
I think it's a hit or miss kind of place. I went on the final day a couple of years ago- weather was nice- but it was hot and kind of dusty. Couldn't be talked into anything though. Every now and then I think about going back, but I remember those lines. I also remember being in the "vintage" tent, and what I was attracted to, wasn't for sale!
Yes, the sales closer to home are prob. more worth the time, though it's still fun to try a new area sometimes.
Amusement Park- great description.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I have been to the sales like that where the buildup and the hype were so much more than the sale itself. Sometimes, I find the best treasures in the most unusual places. I once found a box full of vintage lace collars out in a yard at an estate sale with a bunch of other junk.


I haven't been to any HUGE sales in a while but I do remember the anticipation. Sorry it was a bit of a let down...consider that God's way of telling you that you have enough stuff...lol



Hi Susan :)

It looks like a lot of fun to me, but I love the hunt ;)

Congratulations on winning the ipod over at Julia's!


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