November 15, 2009



It looks wonderful, I can't believe all your collections, how fabulous!

Jenna Ericson

I love all of it! I can't wait to see it in person! I'm especially excited to see The Russian Tearoom poster back up... I really like that poster.

Cheri Peoples

It looks amazing. I am sure it was a lot of hard work but you should be proud.

A new follower



Ha, ha, ha---I can't believe how much you are like me. Don't we drive our family nuts with all the moving; yet, they are nice enough to say--"Oh, I like it that way".

I do like the changes you have made! Nice--I like the way the white piece looks under the mirror.

You asked about the site for the snowflakes--you were supposed to click on the HERE on my post. ha! But here is the link:



I like the changes! I move my things around all the time!!! Hubby just shakes his head!!!

Lori E

I would be overwhelmed with all you did. My gosh.
In the end I do think it was worth it. It looks great, you got a new piece in the office and hung up the tea room poster. Excellent.


This rearranging looks like it took some time and a lot of work. Looks nice. You have some wonderful collections. ~ Sarah


love the new look!



Wow! This was a lot of work but everything looks so nice now. You have so many lovely things and it's good to have a son around with muscles to help out! I remember the days.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Karen - The Graphics Fairy

I think it's so much fun to get a whole new look just by moving things around. Your hard work has paid off, great job!


okay-I'm tired now :) Girl, you have got some glasses! I love the piece in the dining room as a sideboard. It is perfect there...at least for a while :)

Furniture Online

Looks beautiful. Love your country pine dining furniture!

Charla @ For the Sake of Time

You have been busy! Son's need to help their mothers. You tell him he gets a high five from all of us. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.


Diann @ The Thrifty Groove

what a huge job but what a great payoff! it looks awesome!


Your rearranging looks great! Love your Russian Tea room poster and the way the aluminum pieces look in the dark cabinet.


Great Makeover! Are those aluminum tv style lap trays I see with a handle on the table??!!! Holy cremoly where did you find those?

susan ericson

Hi Melody, Actually, the trays are made by Arthur Armour, and I have been collecting one of each different motif that I have been able to find, specifically in one size. I realized one day that they fit neatly into the magazine racks, so I can display some and keep the others neat and tidy. I tend to rotate the different trays at different times of the year.



Love the rearrangement. Your son looks about as happy as my son when he is my helper. I'm so glad to have a helper with muscle around besides Dad now!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

I love how you displayed your hammered aluminum collection. It's beautiful!


I think your antique china cabinet is divine!! I love it! I love the way, too, your hammered aluminum collection looks displayed in it.

Happy Blue Monday!

Brenda Kula

It looks wonderful there! I remember when you found that piece. So unusual. I feel rejuvenated, and tell myself that I've also burned lots of calories moving things all about the house and outdoors too!


Whew! I'm tired just from watching you and your son work so hard, but it sure paid off. I love that poster, and the blue color in it. Happy Blue Monday.


Lol when you start to move things you don't kid around now do you.
But everything looks great like it has always been there and that is a good sign in my book!


Susan, it looks great... like it was all mean to be! And I love that painting of the cows. That caught my eye in the first shot, and I followed it through its arrival where it currently lives. You really did find the best spots for your pieces. Love them all. Love the poster, too.

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)


You were very busy but the result is wonderful. I loved the blues in the poster and hope you are having a great Blue Monday.


Hello Susan, your vision paid off. every piece you moved is now where it belongs. Good for your son for helping you. Kids hate that kind of work. HA! I love the mirror above the credenza. I love the shabby chic white too. It all looks lovely. The Tea room poster is awesome. I know you are happy to finally hang it. Love your collection as well.

Hugs, Jeanne


Love people who keep changing things. It does look great.

laura @ the shore house

Oh MY you've been busy over at BES's house. :-) I think most of all I love the antique china cabinet in the living room...the hammered aluminum really "pops" against the dark color and the piece itself fits really, really well there. Nice work!

We bought a church pew this weekend...VERY exciting...so there was a bit of shorehouse re-org, too. Not as much as you accomplished, though!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home

Goodness me, what a project. Everything looks wonderful-- will you be content for awhile?


It looks just fabulous, and I'm green with envy - Oh, to have enough room to re-arrange, lol!

LOVE the poster!! :)

~ Carolee

Lara Harris

Very nice!I love that poster too!:)


So that's where you've been, Susan! :-) Everything looks so perfect in its new place. You will appreciate having that credenza in the dining room during the holidays.

I love the Russian Tea Room poster! Your husband did a great job making the frame.

Hugs, Pat


Wonderful! I know about those "special" prints...have a few myself. Uh-oh, I see another project for someone...who builds things. Okay, I am so in the mood to rearrange.

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