November 22, 2009



Hi Susan!
Looks like you had fun. I trying to recouperate from a huge craft show yesterdsay. Getting the shop ready for holidays....I'm pooped.
Loved the look at you store. Such a wonderful place!!

Brenda Kula

The other day I cleaned out the pantry on a whim, and carted out four bags of trash of things "expired!" We had our kitchen remodeled not even two years ago. Our bathrooms just a year ago. And I've already had to have things redone here and there! Amazes me!


Looks like you've been busy...great job! I need to re-organize my kitchen too. Thanks for dropping by my blog...be sure you check back to see the "after" photos.


I just finished doing this, too.
Your's looks so nice and I know it makes you feel better, with company coming..
Happy Thanksgiving.


I'm on an organizing mission too! The handmade rugs are super. So wonderful to support local artisans.
Jane T.

Cheri Peoples

You have been one busy girl--

Happy Thanksgiving



Susan that rug is perfect for that spot!

Your organizing looks great. I wish I had a big drawer like that for storage. It's time I weeded out what I don;t use often and put those things aside somewhere.

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a few days away! Have a wondeful holiday!


Your organizing is incredible. I need to do the same, but never get around to it. Happy Thanksgiving.


I so love that rug, Susan-You have really chosen well. I hope that all of your newly organised serving utensils serve you well on Thursday!
Blessings and best wishes for Thanksgiving, Natasha.


It must be the time of year. I am looking at all the drawers and closets and thinking I should do them again before Christmas. Oh, my goodness, so much to do.

laura @ the shorehouse

First of all I am super impressed that you have a collection of fondue forks!! :-)

That black and white runner is fabbbbbbulous. It's perfect...like it was meant to be in your hallway.

Kary Gonyer

I love the rag rugs..I have several blue ones..so cozy around the house...
and this morning I went on a rip cleaning out the fridge, cleaning all the untensil drawers,polishing the silver for Thursday, setting the Thanksgiving table......holidays are here...

have a wonderful Thanksgiving....

Best to you,

Jane F @ AtticMag

Those Swedish rugs are forever. Such beauties. You are so lucky to have the market nearby and to get them. Great job on the reorg of your silverware drawer. Doesn't it feel great? Just in time for the holiday. Hope yours is happy and healthy and we send our best to you. Thanks for stopping by to see us.

Nouveau Stitch

Love the rug(s)! I know how much satisfaction goes along with those clean drawers! Enjoy the holiday and don't let anyone mess it up!


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