December 21, 2009



I like that plate and the sweet idea it conveys. Your party sounds like it was a huge success. I'm sure you're a good neighbor. Happy Blue Monday and Merry Christmas!


So happy your party went off as planned. The plate is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing. And thank you for sharing the photos of your home decorated for the holiday. All the best ~ Sarah

Pat Petrovich

Happy Christmas to you and thank you for sharing all of your holiday photos, traditions and especially the neighborhood friends plate. We have a similar neighborhood.... what a treasure these good friends are! Pat


I like that idea a neighborhood party...we don't have it here in my area but I like to start it hmmm don't know where and how to begin hehe. Love those Christmas decoration...Merry Christmas!

Susan at Charm of the Carolines

I want to come to your house! Snow and cookies, what a lovely combination!

Susan at Charm of the Carolines

JLS Hall (Joysweb)

I love all your decorations - it must take days and days to get everything just right. Looks like it was a great party!

Happy Blue Monday and Happy Holidays from Joysweb

Laura Ingalls Gunn

I just adore your Christmas inspired metamorphosis.

Be merry and bright!

laura @ the shore house

Oh my gosh...your home is a total winter wonderland! :-) And the outside does look lovely with all the snow. I am "snow" not happy with how much of the white stuff hit us at the shore...I mean, can you believe it?! We measured 28" and that was on a flat, drift-free surface. Eek!

I would have loved to pop by your neighborhood. Alas, I stayed tucked in back in 'Boken while Mike dug my car out. :-) The plows did not come through Ocean Grove until about 5 p.m. on Sunday!!

I hope you are having an amazing holiday season and thank you so much for being such a fun part of my year! I'll be counting the days to the VNA thrift fair. ;-)


Your decorations are so pretty!!
I love the pillows and the pretty jars you have filled too.
Have a very Merry Christmas!


Hi Sue
What a grand party is was. Very very beautiful, fun and what a neighbourhood indeed. I think you better live there for many more years.
Happy Blue Monday and Merry Christmas
Love Claudie

karen young

Susan, your Christmas decor is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful and joyful Christmas.

Hugs Karen

Fifi Flowers

Merry Christmas!


Susan you house looks so pretty and festive and your open house sounds like a wonderful success and lots of fun! I wish my neighbors were so friendly and welcoming as you and yours.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas celebration and a very happy healthy 2010! It would be wonderful to get together in NYC in the new year. :-)

Hugs, Pat


Your home looks gorgous and I would trudge my way through snow to get to a party here, too!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Your home looks just gorgeous Susan! What a wonderful tradition to start with that plate. I hope it travels many miles. Have a wonderful New Year!


Dear Black Eyed Susan,
What a gorgeous Christmas you had! One with family and show, and snow shoveler, and cc cookies and Tiramisu and friend who create beautiful plates for their friend!!
Who could ask for more??


Happy Twenty ~ Ten almost~


I meant family and SNOW ~ not show!!!!!!!


What a nice time to have by everyone. Wish I could say the same for my neighborhood! We are lucky to get a wave if they are going to their car! Happy New Year! Love your blog!

C. Dianne Zweig

I wanna go to your house for Christmas...great fun...Dianne


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Great photos - thankyou for sharing them with us!

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