March 07, 2010


Diann @ The Thrifty Groove

How sad that this wonderful place is now gone.


Wow! I lived in Allentown for 8 years and then moved to Florida where I found several pieces of hammered aluminum at garage and estate sales. I never knew there was so much history close by.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Oh, no! How sad. I'm so sorry to hear about this. These examples of hammered aluminum are gorgeous. That has to be the prettiest wastebasket I've ever seen!

Becky K.

It was so very sad to see this on the news this morning. I am glad you have all of these beautiful pieces. My friend has many, many as well. I'll have to see if she has heard the sad news.

Becky K.


O my...I am so sorry about the fire and loss of many vintage items...but so thankful everyone escaped in time.
Thanks for showing us these beautiful pieces.

susan ericson

Becky, If your friend is a collector, I might actually know her!
♥, Susan


Your collection of hammered aluminum is beautiful and what a shame that such an iconic factory was destroyed by fire. It was good to see that some of the pieces were recovered and hopefully they can rebuild.



I am so sorry for this tragic loss, but your extensive collection must cause you to smile. Happy Blue Monday.


How sad about the fire, but I'm so thankful that no lives were lost.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Denise West

gorgeous pieces. life is a mystery at times and makes me ponder that we are not home yet.


How sad about that fire destroying history!


I think my comment got lost?



Following you from Beneath Naps On The Porch. I am so sorry to hear about the fire, yet glad everyone made it out.
It is disappointing that anything would be lost in such a tragic event.


нαρρу ωσмαи'ѕ dαу тσ αℓℓ нєяє =D


Those are nice


Building Memories Together for Blue Monday.


Oh wow! I'm glad everyone got out in time!! Happy Blue Monday :)

Jenna Ericson

That's really, really sad, Mom. I'm sorry.


So glad to have found your blog thru alumilist. Thank you for your wonderful notes on WA. I've been a casual collector for only a few years (10) and while I'm fairly sure i've never been lucky enough to fine any WA, I do have a piece with dogwood blossoms that I'm *real* glad I didn't sell, as it might be.

There's such beauty in hammered and decorative and functional aluminum. Glad to have found your blog containing some comments about the artform, because I do miss talking about it.

susan ericson

I am glad that you found my blog too! If you read back over the years, you will find several different posts about the aluminum.
♥, Susan


What a terrible disaster Susan! I am so glad no one was injured but to hear that the whole factory was destroyed, along with many of the art pieces, is very sad! I do hope they will recover and re-build. Fine hand worked craftsmanship is a fast disappearing trade in this country.
I am not a collector, but I never tire of looking at your beautiful hammered aluminum pieces. The ones you showed today are so unique!
♥ Pat


What a loss! But I am thankful that you and many others have such beautiful pieces to perserve these treasures.


That's terrible. I'm glad no one was injured. You have a very nice collection I know you will treasure.

ellen b

Oh my that work is so beautiful. That is very sad that pieces were lost in the fire. Yikes...
You really have a lovely collection.


What heartbreaking news Susan, an American landmark, gone ;-(....... Just like that~
Glad you have a collection and good memories.

Thinking of you!


Sorry to hear about the fire. Your hammered aluminum collection is beautiful.


I am so sorry to hear about this terrible fire, and hope the owners can rebuild too! Meanwhile I do look forward to hearing more about your own collection! The pieces you show today are beautiful! ~tina


Tragic loss of art, I'm glad no one was hurt .Your pieces are wonderful!

Jane F @ Atticmag

How awful to lose such a resource. I'm sorry for you as a collector and for us all. -- Jane F.


so ironic that you did a post on your aluminum not so long ago...


Susan - I thought of you when I was talking to my mom last night and she was telling me about the fire. My parents live 20-30 minutes away from Grove City, so it's big news there. She says the town is practically in mourning, which certainly is understandable. Hoping they'll be able to pick up the pieces and move forward.


How sorry I am for you! But how fortunate that you have such a wealth of knowlege about the subject. I do hope you are able to complile everything that you know, now that this piece of history has been destroyed.

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Charlene Buckley

I was devastated to hear about the fire; what a loss! I've been collecting hammered aluminum for several decades and have decided to downsize my collection. Wendell August Forge has always been my favorite; in my opinion many of their pieces are works of art.

susan ericson

Hi Charlene, It is always nice to meet a fellow collector. I would love to hear more about your collection, how you display it, etc. I am looking for some Arthur Armour trays, if you are considering parting with any.
Best Regards, Susan

Vanna Domenic

Hello Susan,
We met in 1998 at the aluminum show in Allentown, Pa. I am still collecting aluminum also, and have lost touch with Bill and that list. Interested in knowing if you can help put me back in touch, and if there are National Hammered Aluminum shows anymore. The one I attended was the 8th annual. Nice to find your website!
Vanna in Cincinnati

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Jim Timkey

I have some Wendell August pieces that I am going to sell soon. Do you have a good website that I can go to for estimated values?

susan ericson

Hi Jim, Going through ebays sold items can give you a good idea as to what people are paying for the Wendell August items. Are you planning to auction or sell out right?
Regards, Susan

Gary W. Arp

I just recently purchased a Wendell August
Wastebasket at an estate sale, but mine is
copper or bronze (not use?). It has, what looks like, pussy willow branches on it. On the bottom is the Wendell August Forge stamp and the number 800. Do you have any idea on the History of this item. All I can find is info about the aluminum basket.


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Hi Susan -

I have the same Blue La Mirada Pottery Set (#24) with tray set that you show in your pictures. Although I adore the set I must sell it. Are some pieces more valued than others or should I just go to ebay? If you know someone who may be interestered in this set please let me know. It is a wonderful piece of history and thank you for sharing your knowledge, memories and admiration of these items!

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