March 23, 2010


Pat @Mille Fiori Favoriti

Hi Susan

I am also Anita Shreve fan and have read "Sea Glass"! In was even inspired by her book "The Weight Of Water" (one of my favorites) to visit Portsmouth, MA one summer with my husband and daughter and take a boat ride to the Isles of Shoals.

I also have a sea glass collection from the coastline of the Ionian Sea in Italy when we visited as a family in '01. There was so much of it washed up on the shore that I collected many pounds of it that we then carried all over Italy ..lol. I've given about half of it away to family and friends but I have a big bowl of it on display.

I get many of my books from my local library that is three blocks from my home. It's been a big blessing in my life as I love to read!

♥ Pat

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The veterinarian's at the Popcorn Park Zoo called her in to take care of the late Doris Dukes camel


Hi Susan!

Thanks for the mention! I have been thinking of you - and our walk! I haven't done anything of substance like that in such a long time!
I am pretty sure I've read Sea Glass too, but when I looked it up, the plot didn't sound familiar. So strange... I know that book is somewhere around here!
I am doing a sale this weekend with Laura K-H. in Atlantic Highlands. I was at work there on Mon. Small house, but it overlooks the water/boats, chock full of interesting items.

You should go see the Doris Duke estate. My sister and I went a few years ago. It was interesting. You could write a great post on that - if I know you!


Hi Susan,

Thanks for the mention! I am going to see Princess this very afternoon and will tell her she has been mentioned on your blog. It will make her happy! I am going to tweet about your blog as well. Hope to see you soon.


What a fabulous pile of books! I've read several of them and particularly liked "Tender at the Bone." Food memoirs are such fun and Ruth Reichl's is a riot. It's amazing that she turned into such a foodie when her mother was the absolute worst cook on the planet.

Jenna Ericson

Very pretty sea glass!!! I miss when we used to be able to find that on the beach at home.

Sue @Rue Mouffetard

Hi Susan....thanks for the shout out!...how funny that Doris Duke had a pet camel...We are certainly going to see the estate next time I'm in Jersey...it's a slow read at this point as I'm still in her childhood....I spend way to much time reading blogs...But it is a small world..We'll start to feel like Kevin Bacon...and I remember all too well visiting It's A Small World at the NY World's Fair....

Jane F @ Atticmag

Never heard of Anita Shreve (I read mostly history when I read) but it's always good to learn something new and make a connection with something someone else likes. So thanks Susan and for stopping by to see us at Atticmag. We're very excited about our upcoming tables. -- Jane F.


I'd love to exchange postcards with you.
ruparanoid2 (at) yahoo (dot) com


What a small world indeed! I have 'met' Susan from Rue Mouffetard via my postcard exchange and we have much in common. Another woman I met had grandparents on the same street I lived on before moving to the Fairfield House! Now you mention Popcorn Park Zoo ... know it well!
Also wanted to thank you for the post on pussy willows. I have a big tree on the property but seems like I miss the peak pruning time each spring.
You signed up for my postcard exchange. If you are still interested please check your box for an email from me. (For some reason my usual email address is not accepting aol or aim mail)



laura @ the shorehouse

Well as you well know, I grabbed the Playboy Book of Limericks whilst yard saling, lol!! I had to pass on the cookbook -- I opened the page to a recipe for creamy trout dip and those words together made me gag slightly. ;-)

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