April 25, 2010



That looks like so much fun! I have never been to New Jersey, but now I am tempted. I love your new dishes, they sound like an amazing find!


Wow did you ever SCORE with those plates! Estate sales are so much fun aren't they? Love browsing through a "real" home.

And the lighting with the copper tubing is a real work of art. And how woderful is that chippy paint on the grain rocker!

Hope you'll stop by Atticmag and see what Allison found on her latest antique jaunt :D

Jane T.


Looks like you had a great weekend! How nice you found the dishes.

Thanks for stopping by Atticmag, and for leaving your nice comment.



WOW!! What a delightful post!! I love the dishes and the pressed glass cake plates!! That shop is so cute!!


I saw several pieces of lovely blue; in fact, I'm sure I'd have bought them if I'd been with you! Happy Blue Monday.


Oh my gosh, Susan! I'm feeling as excited for you, as YOU are!! I'm so glad you stumbled on such a wonderful treasure!!! The dishes look beautiful! Love those pyrex plates too! Happy Blue Monday! ~tina

Becky K.

Those dishes!!!!! A stunning find!

I am so very happy for you!

I have to begin heading out to yard sales as I need to have a total of 150 punch cups by Fall. It is always good to have an excuse to visit these fun places.

Have a great day!

Becky K.


Lucky-lucky you! You had a banner weekend and totally scored. I need a weekend like that :)

Karen Young

What a wonderful weekend you had. I love those dishes.

Hugs Karen


Lots of blue there. I love the dishes!

Happy Blue Monday.

Mine is here.


Nice work on the Bennington Pottery - I love that pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming feeling!


You truly have the best yard sale mojo of anyone I have ever known. It's astounding really.
xo, suzy

Pat --Mille Fiori Favoriti

Hi Susan!
Wow you fund some beautiful treasures! How uncanny is it that you would find a set of pottery dishes from the very place you've been visiting for so long? The dishes must have known you'd give them a good home and used ESP to call you over :-)

I love the bargain books ad the pretty pressed glass and Pyrex.

"Foolisg Ginger" looks like an interesting shop. My kids love Vietnamese Pho and those bowls with chopsticks would be perfect for that ...does she do mail order? I'll see if she has a web site.

xxoo Pat

Pat --Mille Fiori Favoriti

PS You definitely win with the the "best celebrity that lives nearby" in answer to my question. "The Boss" ! Wow!

Jenn Raley

Great post and a very happy blue monday to and for you! That's awesome. Looks like you had quite a nice weekend outing! Congrats on the dish find! How awesome is that! Jenn


Oh wow, I won't blame you the stuff are so pretty. Happy Monday!

Blue Monday~Blue Jars2


Wow! You had a good weekend too! Happy for you that you found the pottery.
For over a year I've been trying to complete an Angelic Inspiration
I found a 60's doll complete with rollerskates...another time a 50's hankie with poodle motif....Of course she's gonna be and 50's poodleskirt wearin angel, but the wings were my grail. I've been lookin for a 45 of Earth Angel (will you be mine) record to creatw her wings. We've looked hi and lo. We found one for $10 and I thought that was a little steep, so we kept lookin. A few weeks ago we were at OVAM and in a box of about 10 records we found one. The whole box was 30, we had the other records, so they called the vendor..I got the thing for $3...yiipppeee. Now I'm finishing my Earth Angel.


I'm nuts for yard sales - we call them treasure hunts too:)



I loved this post. Love your pressed glass cake stands...especially the square one. That shop looks really cute too! I sure want to go garage-sale-ing now. I asked three of my kids if they'd go with me this Saturday!


Susan, your post is so terrific and I love all the very nice finds in your thrifty search. The dishes are the most amazing price. Lucky you. I love them too.

Have happy days.
Hugs, Jeanne

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Wow! What a find!! I can't wait to see a tablescape with those dishes. Don't you love the feeling of finding something you've always wanted for a fraction of the cost!

Brenda Kula

Foolish Ginger. What a wonderful name! I've been to a few garage/estate sales. But haven't found a darned thing. So disappointed. But I'm so happy for you that you found your treasure.

Jenna Ericson

I LOVE the new pottery... and I want the "Made in New Jersey" tee shirt. :D


I have only had time to hit a few sales but I love to find some nice bargains! I love that handblown chandelier. How pretty and unique. Hope you have a great week.


Wow - you really scored some treasures! Every time I hit the yard sales here in PA, I find only junk...old baby clothes, scratched fiberboard furniture, hideous figurines, tools and such, lol...I need to check out your neck of the woods! Haha...

~ Carolee

marco island

the things are so nice. they're irresistibly nice! if i was there, i could have bought a lot of things. i love the pyrex dishes.

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