June 27, 2010



Boy the house looked great, the food looked wonderful, everyone looked like they were havin lots of fun. You're so lucky to have family that get together.

ellen b

Hi Susan, I know what you mean about family gatherings being hard when you live far from the rest of your family :0)
Looks like you had a wonderful celebration with lots of good food!! Congratulations!

Pat@Back Porch Musings

Your mosaics are wodnerful. Looks like all had a good time!


Quite festive! Congratulations to the graduate!

EG Wow

Wow! Look at all that great looking food!


Your house looks great and the food Fabulous!!! I would love to drop in on your party any time.


What a wonderful day! Congratulations to the graduate. Great memories for you. Great food (thanks for the recipe). Lovely hydrangeas. Everything looks great1


Wonderful stuff!


Lots of mosaics to look at! Congrats to your grad. And kudos for you for doing all that cooking and decorating. I know where all your energy went in the past few weeks.


Looks like you had a wonderful time and wasn't it great to have Grandma there.


Congrats to your son! Looks like ayou had a great party. The mac and cheese would be my favorite. I going to hav eto try your recipe. Have a great week!


Looks like a great party! Food, family and fun, doesn't get any better! Congrats!

Terri Steffes

Yowsa! The food looks great! Congrats ~~

Pam @diy Design Fanatic

The food looks wonderful!!!Nothing better than a great party with family and friends.


Hi Susan

It looks like you had a wonderful graduation party for your son, filled with the love of family and friends and great food! I know how hard it is when family live far as my siblings, and my son and his family, are all out of state and some across the country.

Your Mac N Cheese sounds good! I like the potato chip topping ...I put them on my tuna fish casserole.

♥ Pat

Cheri Peoples

Congratulations to the graduate.
Your table looks gorgeous.



Thank you for posting a Macaroni and Cheese recipe that sounds tasty. I'm going to try it. What a wonderful time to celebrate milestones with family and friends. Happy graduation to your son!


Hi Susan! Congratulations to your grad and what a wonderful party you must have had! Your food and decorations are so sweet. Now I've never made macaroni and cheese and used an egg! I'm going to try your recipe! Yum.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

sweet cottage dreams

Congrats to your son!! Way to go!

Susan, the spread of food looks wonderful. Nothing is better than homemade mac and cheese.

Your porch is gorgeous. LOVE the red, white and blue!! You did great and I am sure Brenda likes it, too.

Loved my visit!



such lovely party and the photos are precious memories. and the food scrumptious! love your porch.. so much of Summer.. thanks for sharing.


Beautiful full weekend! Your mosaics tell the story :-)


How fun and wonderful party Susan.
Congrats to your son.
Happy MM.

Carol at Serendipity

What a wonderful party! The food looks amazing. Your mosaics are lovely.

Have a great week.


Becky K.

Good Morning Susan!

Oh, you did it up so nicely. Everyone looks like they had a great time!

Becky K.


Susan, that looks like a great time was had by all! Loved the hydrangeas you used, and the quilt is perfect, too. Great job on your party! And congrats to your handsome grad!


Sheila :-)


Those hydrangeas MADE the decorations for your son's graduation party.

It's true, Susan, that as we age, families NEED to live close by.

Happy Blue Monday!


Looked like a great time. I am going to try your macaroni receipe for the 4th. The grannies will love it.


Family celebrations are the best. Don't hink anyone went home hungry either!


Congratulations to the graduate. A family gathering is always awesome and the food, gush that is yummy!


Laura Ingalls Gunn

Now this is my type of party! How fun.

JLS Hall (Joysweb)

Looks like you had a terrific party. Yes, I know what you mean about reaching that lack-of-energy point. But you've just gotta keep the celebrations going.
Happy Blue Monday!


What a fun celebration (even if everyone wasn't able to attend). Your mosaics are beautiful and the banquet table so inviting! Our youngest graduated last week too. We will be having a party in early August when out daughter from up-state NY will be down for a visit.

SO nice stopping by to visit with you!
Kindly, ldh


The food looks so good and the decorations do, too. Congratulations on your son's graduation. My hubby loves homemade mac and cheese...I use the old Betty Crocker cookbook (from the 70's) recipe. Yours sounds good with the chips on top. I'm gonna integrate your idea of steamed, chopped broccoli into my recipe - sounds so good! Happy Blue Monday~

karen cox

Great mosaics of a wonderful celebration. Looks like everyone had a lovely time. Lovely photographs.

Susan Freeman

What a wonderful party! Great family and friends, great food and beautiful decorations!!

Susan and Bentley


What happy mosaics! We all have to treasure these celebrations!


Congrats to your graduate - you must be very proud! The food looks great!

Hope you are having a nice summer!

Brenda Kula

I quickly zoomed right in on that quilt! It's a beauty! The recipe sounds delicious. By the way, I'm hungry and it's lunchtime. Can you send some my way?


Your home looks so inviting and your food looks so delicious! What a great way to celebrate your son's graduation. My daughters love macaroni and cheese - I will make your recipe for them - thanks!


red in you,
plus garden blue,
both of them are cool!


Congrats on your son's graduation! Looks like you all had a fun party...the food looks yummy and your house looks picture perfect! Love all of the hydrangeas. I just cut some for a bouquet from my garden today.


Congratulations to your son and to you and your husband! What a wonderful celebration!
Everyone looks so happy!

laura @ the shorehouse

Potato chips...VERY interesting! Will have to give this a try...when it's not 102f out. :-) You have to see the tablecloths I scored at the OG flea...for $4 each, one with tag still on! Maybe one of these days I'll have a blog again, lol!

susan ericson

You have a blog right now....shock everyone and write something on it....we love your point of view!!! I for one am dying to know how the renovation is coming along.


While searching for photos of VT, I found your blog from August 18,2009, the one with the Original Vermont Country Store, Lake Bomoseen, etc. I was there just a week ago. We stayed at the Edgewater on Lake Bomoseen. This was may 28th visit. The number of sunsets I've witnessed is countless, each one a treasure unto itself.

I love this part of the country and carry its visions with me all year until I return.

Thanks for the memories.

susan ericson

Hi Joan, Thanks for the comment....you should try to go in the midsummer...it is beautiful.
Best Regards, Susan

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