June 16, 2010



What a sweet post, Susan! I can remember in my aunt's side yard, there was a worn spot that resembled a baseball diamond. That's because at any given day, there were lots of children playing softball out there... sometimes not even her own kids! It was the congregating spot on the street. Me thinks that someday there might be the pitter-patter of little grandchildren's feet playing in your yard. It's certainly a special place for sure!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday, my friend...


Sheila :-)

Becky K.

I was thinking as Sheila did....enjoy the peace now before Grandchildren take those spaces back. Not that this would be a bad thing!

Becky K.


Your yard is magnificent Susan. The neighborhood you reside is my most favorite area in all of your state! You are so very lucky!!
Hope you are having a creative day!


Hi Susan!

Don't forget that grandchildren will arrive one day and then your quiet backyard will be full of bubbles and plastic gym sets all over again :-)

I love your hammock! That looks like a cool place to relax with a good book and a glass of lemonade.

Brenda Kula

One thing I kind of wanted for this yard, but there was no room, was a hammock. I'd be putting that to good use. Maybe your weather is not sweltering yet, as it is here. It's too hot to even go outside for much more than to retrieve the mail.


What a beautiful yard full of memories! I no longer have kid clutter either. Both of my girls will be away at college next year which saddens me. I need to start looking for the upsides!

I am so happy to have found your lovely blog!


You have a lovely yard. I would love to have a hammock. Wonderful photos for Outdoor Wednesday!


Isn't it wonderful to have a yard full of memories? This is a lovely post.

sweet cottage dreams

You have a lovely and very serene garden. LOVE the textures - especially the hydrangeas.



oooooh how pretty. Your garden and yard is beautiful...but no fair it is called the
'Garden State'. I'm with everybody else watch out for the next wave of little ones!
Have you checked your e-mails?


Hi Susan!
We are in the (yearly) process of reclaiming the backyard. Actually, "claiming" it is more like it, since we'd already had the four kids when we moved into this house.
There is no longer evidence of the abuse, but there was a time, when the boys were between the ages of two and three, when their favorite activity was "digging a hole to China"! I can' tell you how deep and wide that hole was. It drove Bill crazy but hey, the boys were happy, and for goondness sakes, CONTAINED in one area!
We still have a plastic remnant of the kids' childhood in our yard, however. I can't seem to get rid of the little playhouse that was given to Stephanie when she was about 2. I "built" it on our screened-in porch, with her help of course, and we moved it into the backyard when Bill came home that night. It had been a haven of sorts for the younger children who lived and visited here. I can't imagine NOT having it in the yard! Crazy.

Jenna Ericson

I loved the hammock when I was little!!

Melesa Garrison

Susan, first of all, I would like to say that I love your blog! It's kind of sad to hear of the children that enjoyed the yard and now they are grown. My girls are 23 and 26 so I completely understand...It seems as though it was just yesterday, watching them play and enjoy the outdoors. Your yard is absolutely beautiful and your porch is very inviting ;-)
God Bless, MG

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