July 15, 2010



What a wonderful story, Susan! I am so happy you were the one to discover these recipes boxes and that you will auction them as a set to a vintage recipe collector.

It must be so fascinating to read them! It also makes me wonder what will happen to my collection of recipe clippings and printouts one day :-)


So glad that you ended up with the recipes! Her collection will live on to inspire others-enjoy! (Oh, and please share along the way:@)

susan ericson

Lynn, I plan to make copies of these before I pass them on, so I hope to share them.
♥, Susan

Wendy (The Local Cook)

that's awesome! My grandma left behind a box of recipes and that's by far the most treasured item.


Ah, this is so neat!


What a facinating post! I think I could have learned a lot from this 91 year old lady. I would have liked her too!
Thanks for sharing the recipes of her life.


What an incredible find! I have recipes from my great grandmother and grandmother that I appreciate!

jen duncan

It's kind of sad, huh? Maybe just because I lost my dad recently. And those file boxes really remind me of my grandmother. I suppose our little notes and recipes will someday make someone else cluck their tongue in reminiscent amusement :-)And so it goes....


Hey Susan! You really hooked me with the last picture having the card written with "Ozark Pudding". This lady had some midwestern roots as the only Ozarks I know of are in Missouri. In fact I went there on my honeymoon! This reminds me of my grandmother's and mother's recipe boxes. I have a big one of my mom's. Come over for coffee and we'll take a trip through it!

susan ericson

I will be happy to take you up on that invite Sue....this was a pretty interesting group of recipes.

Brenda Kula

Kind of surprises me that a family member wouldn't have taken these and not sold them. Seems like it would have stayed in the family. Oh well. It's like me picking up old photos at the antique mall.

susan ericson

Brenda, That is why I would think something like this would be scarce...this is an heirloom.


What a treasure! It sounds like that recipe collection found a good new home.


Oh how I wish I had kept my mom's box like that and my aunt's too. The notes are just wonderful. It looks just like my family's recipe boxes. What a treasure. I may have to start going to estate sales. I did as a child with my parents and just loved it.


My Mom kept a few of those boxes but I have no idea where they ended up??? What a fun find for you.

Becky K.

How very fun! I love that you appreciate the history here. Makes me like you even more!

Becky K.


What a great find! I would love to have a look through those boxes.


You really hit pay dirt there. How great that a foodie like yourself, could come upon that gal's legacy and appreciate it.


Wow! What a great find! You know me I wouldn't be able to get rid of them ;D

Sue @Rue Mouffetard

Oh these are just priceless...coming from someone who's family will find the same thing when I die...but I hope mine get passed on to Miss B and daughter....such history of this women who loved to cook or maybe like me just loved to read recipes and write recipes and make people happy with her baking...
I recently stopped in at an estate sale in NJ of an old neighbor who had died..I found a White House cookbook dated 1923 and that was the reprint date...and after buying it I found out from the person running the sale that some of the stuff in the house was brought in by her and was not my neighbors....I was sad about that but I'm hoping it was really hers....I would have been thrilled to find what you did....Enjoy reading it all...

susan ericson

Sue, its called seeding a sale and I hate when when they do that. It screws up the authenticity that we are looking for. In this case, I just couldnt see these recipe boxes going into the dumpster, and I have really gotten a feel for this lady...I believe she was quite the social butterfly..love reading her comments on the recipes. Hope you are keeping cool down south...its been crazy hot up here in NJ.


Now that is a really nifty find. How wonderful that you discovered them.


This is an incredible find!! I wish more people didn't assume that their grandmother's recipe boxes were too old or stained etc to give to goodwill---honestly---you'd never find these in a thrift shop---only and estate sale and I've never seen anyone post about them before!

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