October 22, 2010


Becky K.

Inspiration...that is what I like to call it! I love it better when I can act on it.
So....are you going to redecorate that room? I'd love to watch the process if you did and shared it.

Becky K.

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

That is a sweet & happy pink sign, Susan! I am very overdo in the redecoration department, so maybe I should pay Shutters a visit one day and get some inspiration? Looking forward to seeing what else you saw there.

Cheryl F.

Susan! I am clapping my hands!! Shutters makes me very happy too!!! I have been trying to get there myself the past week..Great pic's!!

Mrs. Magpie

Susan, this is just as cute as can be! I can certainly understand having a fantasy about that decor in a bedroom. That sign is darling! I love shutters, too. Yep, I can understand this wholeheartedly.

Hope you are having a super weekend.

Warm hugs...


Sheila :-)


I do like the striped material on that chair, Susan. I'd be surprised to see it used in any room but a bedroom that is, unless, you live in Florida!


Susan, I am dying here over that sign. It would have definitely had to come home with me. Unfortunately, it is way to far for me to jump in the car to run and purchase.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Geralyn Gray

Susan......so nice to meet you today.....funny when I saw your next post......I have the same tin tray AND collecting sea glass is one of my passions!!!! I am glad you said something.....great blog and I'll be back to visit for sure!!!!

susan ericson

It was very nice meeting you too. So glad I put 2+2 together!


Hi Susan...I've been in Shutters quite a few times. And Fair Haven is such an adorable town. It's so funny, I keep meeting bloggers that live near me or live where I used to live.
Great things in Shutters!

Marlene aka Mizzz Bee

I do sooo LOVE "Shutters"...it definitely makes me smile when I walk into the store...they always have the neatest things...Its always a treat to go for a visit there.. thanks for sharing ~ I think its time I go back for a visit. have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams! Marlene

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Some people may have other types of fantasies, but I'm with you on the redecorating one! I'm picturing that chair and ottoman in our bedroom too. Unfortunately that also involves imagining busting through a wall to make the room bigger in order to fit that chair and ottoman in there!
Happy Pink Saturday!

susan ericson

Hi Marlene, Shutters is actually having a

susan ericson

Ill try to get the entire message in this time...Hi Marlene, Shutters is having a 50% sale on Halloween right now...that said, I am headed over to your blog.
♥, Susan


Yes! I must redecorate when I fall in love with ... whatever. Lucky for me I am moving, so excellent timing. In spite of RetroRenovation's pleas to resist the griege, I find myself drawn to it, or plain gray.

I'm still visiting around PS posts. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

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