October 01, 2010


Cheryl F.

Wow Susan!! Congratulations! on that many posts!!! Boy they sure add up don't they!! How inspiring!!
All that wine looks yummy!



What a lovely blog (love the name and your banner). Happy Pink Saturday and thank you for sharing your beautiful pink photos.
Have a wonderful day.


Happy Pink Saturday! Beautiful wine and flowers!


I agree with you....blogging has opened up a whole new world! I had to step back, however, cuz I was loving it too much.....it's so easy to spend hours visiting all of the wonderful folks who do have blogs!!! Like YOU! I know we are kindred spirits....I have the same set of Pyrex Pink bowls. They belonged to my mom.....and I use them!!

Have a great Pink Sat!! dana

Tami Kenner

Hi Susan..I love your blog & all your pink pretties too.
Have a lovely pink day..xo Tami


It was fun reading about you at Beverly's blog this morning, so I thought I would pop by and say hello. This is my first visit to your blog.

Your pink iris is gorgeous!!! I used to think of iris as being only purple, but I've discovered they come in a kaleidescope of colors.

And, I love your mixing bowls. I have a set of 4 vintage bowls like that...but they're not pink like yours. They are yellow, green, red, and blue.

Anyhow, have a lovely day,
Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)


I love the pink iris, those are gorgeous. Of course the vintage mixing bowls are special and remind me of simplier times as a child.
Happy Pink Saturday to you and yours. Congratulations on being featured this week, Char


Hi, This is my first visit to your blog and your pink flowers are beautiful and your iris is out of this world. Thanks so much for sharing, your pink bowls are great and a real blast form the past as I remember my Mother-in- law having them! Happy Pink Saturday to you! Marilou, Lulus Lovlies

Mermaids of the Lake

Hi Susan! Happy Pink Saturday to you and congrats. Your flowers photos are beautiful and I love the pink bowls.


Happy PINK Saturday! Love all of your Pink pictures today especially the Iris and those mixing bowls, drool, drool. Have a great weekend, Nan


Happy Featured Pink Saturday, Susan! Congratulations on the Amazing Numbers of your Lovely Blog. The Pink Iris Photo is beautiful and we all know how Beverly loves Pink Florals! Great post!

Mrs. Magpie

Hi, Susan!

Love your pinks and love the fact that you are headed toward a milestone post. Way to go! I'm so glad that we met through blogging.

I also want to thank you for the prayers for my husband. He's so much better, and my nursing duties are at an end. I plan to be blogging again in a week or so, and I look forward to it. I have to play catchup with all the things on the back burner first.

Sending you warm hugs for a happy weekend ahead...


Sheila :-)


Hi Susan, how terrific to be featured on Pink Saturday. I too love to join in on Pink Saturday. It is a lovely way to meet new bloggers and to just have fun with the color pink. I feel the same way about blogging. It has been the most delightful challenge and I admit I am surprised at how much it means to me. My blogging friends are very dear and I can't imagine not blogging.

This pink connection is so meaningful for breast cancer awareness. I have joined the fight all year long but especially in October.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Jeanne


You really came up with some very nice pinks for today. I enjoyed my visit at your place.


What pretty pinks you shared with us. I agree, blogging is so wonderful. Congrats on being in the spotlight this weekend!
Licks & Wags,


Love those vintage pink bowls-Happy PS


Loving your pink flowers!


Congratulations on your feature! Great job, and I love those pink bowls, they are so precious! Marcia

~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Congrats on your stats. Who do you use to keep track of your stats? I've been looking around and can't settle on one. Any suggestions? I've had my blog for 2 years now and I'm not stat savy yet.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

susan ericson

Typepad lists the stats continuously. Funny, I didnt even know what it was about for the first two years of my blog and one day I just clicked on stats and was so surprised that anyone other than my friends and family was reading my blog. It was a mini-thrill :)


It is nice to think Pink and what it represents. Good for Beverly that she has this party. By the way I love those pink mixing bowls. Gorgeous. Hope that you had a lovely PS.


Jillian (Jill)

Wow, a lot of posts! I'm not sure how many I have since I combined my blogs...but it has been three years. LOVE THOSE PYREX BOWLS!!!!

Sorry I'm so late...we had a big wedding this weekend and we are just now catching up with life...

Bella Rosa Antiques

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Wonderful post Susan! I miss participating in PS every week as I often am busy and computer free on weekends, so I would feel bad not answering pink e-mails. As winter approaches I hope to participate more. You always do such a nice job on your pink posts!
♥ Pat


What a beautiful iris. I love pink too, probably purple more, but they are sisters! Thanks for your sweet comments. It was a little out there showing myself in my crazy pink witch costume but hey, what the heck! Have a wonderful Saturday. My Saturday just ended great as BYU just won their football game.

This is a very belated wish for Happy Pink Saturday. I hope you enjoyed being one of the featured participants.

Pink has become the color of hope. I pray daily that cures will be found for all cancers.

I am drooling over that set of bowls.♥

A Vintage Girl

I love the concept of Pink Saturdays! This is a cheerful thing to do each Saturday. I certainly would not have any difficulty finding pink "things" around my home each week. Very fun!

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