October 20, 2010


Jenna Ericson

Pirate glass, I'm telling you.


I really love sea glass. I just wish I could find a piece on my own...mine has all been purchased. I've been going to the beach on vacations my entire life and never found a pretty piece of glass. Go figure. I keep a bowl of it out at my house...like you, I'm drawn to the color. It makes me happy!

Brenda Kula

Oh, pretty indeed! I love the lamp filled with them. I've looked for some around here, but it's not like I'm near an ocean or anything. Reminds me of my love for rocks!

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I was also intrigued by this NY Times article Susan. I love sea glass and have a large bowl full that I collected off the beaches of Southern Italy. I have a few pieces of glass and a pottery shard that I collected from a Western beach in Ireland. Unfortunately, I never found any in the USA! I am very tempted to go to Cape Cod one summer just to walk its beaches and look.

Your collection is very pretty! I love all the dark blue pieces you have. My collection is mainly white and light green with a few small aqua pieces and some brown and gold pieces.

Kary Gonyer

o.k. i am up for the challenge...let's try growing those big guys


and i love sea glass...we don't seem to get much out here in the Pacific...i wonder why?



Hey Lady! I'm so glad you stopped by! I've been bad to about stoppin by. My back, legs, ans arthritis in my hands have been givin me a fit. We've been busy at the flower shop....gettin ready for craft shows......argh...I've been fallin asleep at the keyboard for pete's sake. As I typed my post I thought about you:)
Sea glass is always pretty, but I've always wondered where it came from.....what ship...what island it floated from....pirates.....okay so I've been weird all my life. What can I say.


Sea Glass is True treasure! Thank you for sharing this article from the Times! I will forever look at these beautiful gems with new eyes!

Happy Autumn Susan!
Hope ALL in your life is good. That you are feeling creative too! So happy to see you today!

Your part Mermaid friend,

cheryl comfort

When I was visiting relatives in Scotland when I was a small child, I found my very first piece of sea glass. At the time, it was like finding a piece of gold :-)

Mrs. Magpie

What a wonderful collection, Susan! I adore sea glass. Some of my favorite napkin rings I own were purchased in Maine from an artist in Blue Hill. She had mounted sea glass on them. They are gorgeous, too.

I have some of the "manufactured" sea glass simply because I like it, but I keep my antique sea glass separate. I have a piece of cobalt that I love, and I also have a bottle neck covered in barnacles. It might not be that old, but it has a romantic look to it. I think you might actually find more up you way than we do here, but when I do find it on the beach, I love it!

It would be fun if you could identify some of the colors of your glass as belonging to a particular time in history. I don't know how one would go about that, but it really would be fun!


Sheila :-)


I really like sea glass and you have a beautiful collection! Hmmm and this was such and interesting read.


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