November 29, 2010


Cherry's in the garden & more

I love the sign in the next to the last mosaic.Good luck with your project and happy Monday! hugs from Savannah, Cherry


Loved all your pictures but my husband has said no more honeydo lists. That blue house is darling. Happy Blue Monday


I love those bits of blue, especially that castle.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

Jenna Ericson

I love it! And I like the sink that you're putting in the new bathroom, too.

Traci Lord

Oh, I feel for you. We have never done major work, but I can only imagine. Adorable blue glittered house!


Boy Susan, you have really done a huge job with all your makeover projects. I think you are going to love the changes. I am looking forward to the reveal.

Your blue bird house is so pretty and I did enlarge the mosaic with the elves. I love the sign and the elves too. It sure puts me in the mood to shop.

Happy Blue Monday.
Hugs, Jeanne

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! That all scares me! We need to update our kitchen and bathrooms! I know it will take forever and I will get seriously cranky because I can't stand living in chaos. LOL Good luck with all of it. At least you had some wonderful retail therapy to distract you!


Wow, that snowballed, didn't it? It'll be gorgeous when it's done, but you have to get through it :)

Love the mosaic, such fun! The elves, yes and the signs are cute, too!


We would totally do what you're doing! It'll be fabulous when you're thru!!


Good luck with the new bathroom and I love the vanity you have picked out. That little blue house is adorable. ;)

Dances Of Dreams

I would love to have a make over with the bathroom too, and your Christmas decoration is pretty!


Hi...I just finished 3 bathrooms!!! We brought them out of the 1960's to this millennium! Replace old cast iron tubs, old stick built cabinets and tons of little square tiles. We didn't do this ourselves. We had a wonderful Amish gentleman....needless to say I was at Lowes everyday for the last 2 months! It's worth it in the end.

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Shutters has such nice things! Those elves and the sign next to them were so cute!

It will be all worth it when it is done, Susan and just like labor (lol) you'll forget all about this mess and confusion once you are settled in with your new bedroom and bath!

Did you see my photos of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade for PS and MM? WE hadn't been to the parade in years and it was so much fun!

susan ericson

Pat, My husband really wanted to go this year, and the only thing that held me back was that I thought I really wouldnt be able to see anything above the crowd. It may have been a missed opportunity.


What a project! I rebuild my master bathroom about once a week (in my head!). My dream is a door leading outside onto a currently nonexistent deck! lolol Pretty Christmas mosaic.


Oh Sue...you're as bad as us. We are gonna have to start our painting projects..yes plural. ...soon. Can't wait to see you after pics. Hope you had a great Thanks. And, I hope you're feeling better since the last time we talked. My allergies have been realllly bad. I have a doc appointment latter today..again...and Mom and Dad have one too..they haven't been doin too good. One day ata time.
Type ya later.

Brenda Kula

Yes!!! Red & white decorating! Well, when we've remodeled, we'd start out with one thing, which would lead to another, and so on. So yes. But we never do the work ourselves. So... My husband is a psychiatrist. Could give him a ring...


No therapist needed! Your new master suite will be gorgeous and worth all of the chaos! I can't wait to see the final photos.

The little elves are too cute!

Sue @Rue Mouffetard

Hi Susan....your lucky that you have a husband that goes along with all the moving and remodeling....and having the kids at home to inspire the move....Daughter left home for college at 18 and the Boss hasn't replaced anything since...and that was back in 1993!!...I had a blog friend over recently and she stood stunned in my kitchen and said..."You always are mentioning that you cook all the time on your blog, how do you do it in this kitchen?"......if the Boss could he would have me cooking on a Bunsen Burner or a hot plate sooner then updating.....he just keeps telling me...."When we get back up to Jersey"....I'm not holding my breathe....

susan ericson

Yes lowes...my new home away from home!


Ooooh, the hidden reno agenda - it jumps up and grabs us when we're not looking. I hope you get it all done to your liking!

cheryl f

Susan!! Too Funny??? lol!! I really have to apologize, I am having a very nice chuckle at your expense!! I have never gotten (is that even a word?) so involved in a project suct as this, but certainly understand how you can keep going and going!! Can't wait to see the finished pictures....Shutters....hmm... what can I say...I try to stay away...the store is just trouble for me!! I love the pillow too!! with the truck!!
Still havn't forgotten about that coffee....I have a plan...will contact you no later than Saturday..

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