December 27, 2010


Dannie Woodard

Hey! Tried your macaroni and cheese for Christmas. It was a huge success, right down to scraping the bottom of the dish! I made a slight change...added a few finely chopped jalapeno peppers to the cheese sauce! My son started doing that years ago.

Becky K.

Wow! You sure did get a lot of snow. We got a bit but it is blowing all over the place in the heavy, heavy wind!

Hope your Christmas was good. Ours was so relaxed and wonderful.

Becky K.


A big pot of soup sounds delicious! Stay warm!


Looks beautiful, I love the snow! We got tons, too! Pot of soup is perfect for this crazy weather!

susan ericson

Hi Dannie, I am so glad you liked the recipe...jalapenos would be a perfect addition. I have made it with all sorts of veggies, broccoli being the favorite, but I love spicy and will try it your way. Would you believe that I am already putting away the Christmas decorations so that I can take the aluminum back out and put it on the hutch...it always makes me so happy to have it displayed nicely. Wishes for a Happy New Year to you and your family.
♥, Susan


Hi Susan! OMG Hope you all are doing ok. That storm was supposed to hit us, but somehow it missed us. Dec was pretty hectic
Dad was back a forth to Doc appointments and hospital tests......Mom and Dad both had a tummy virus.....Jim had an infection.....a few day before xmas they doubled my allergy med and it took care of everything..yippee...LOL...I really thought the change was startin the way I was feelin since Oct. I was sooooooo relieved it was just a fungus (alien abduction) not the change (demonic possesion)hehehehe
Jim did get Employee of the Year at his work he recieved a nice bonus (God comes thru) and a retro popcorn popper.
We are supposed to be on vacation this week. I haven't been near the shop since Christmas Eve..phew...but Jim had to go in
yesterday to the dealership to finish one and they asked if he could do one more sigh..he's there right now finishing that one car. I'm thinkin about droppin by the Antique Mall. Thurs. we take Dad to yet another doc appointment...he's so tired Mom's so worried....I just wish there was more I could do.
Well, guess I better get goin. Think I'll see if Mom and Dad want to go to the mall with me.


Looks like you had about the same amount of snow as we did. I do hope you try that baccala and the fish cakes.

susan ericson

Melody, So glad that the big storm missed you...you have been dealing with enough. Wishes for a happy and very healthy new year to you and your family!
♥, Susan


We are enjoying the marshmallow world here too ;-)
Merry Christmas!!


Oh my goodness~~A winter wonderland~~I had to buy snow in a can for my house this year! lol

Beautiful photos Susan~~

Have a blessed New Year too!!

Kay Ellen


We were like that 4 days before Christmas which I posted, but then it got warm and rained and rained and we had nothing left for Christmas and it has been around 40! It was fun, we had our snow and then it was nice. Yes, I saw the pictures in the city and wow, what a mess and those poor poor people stranded at the airports! My heart goes out to them.

Brenda Kula

Oh, I think of you guys when I hear the weather on the evening news! Happy New Year!

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I'm glad it's been relatively warm so that the two and a half feet we got has been diminishing. It's kept me homebound too long :)

I hope you and your family have a very happy healthy new year full of many new blessings!

♥ Pat

Elizabeth Holcombe

That IS a marshmallow world! I hope you have dug out by now, my friend! Happy New Year!~~~XXOO, Beth

laura @ the shorehouse

If that never happens again I'll be quite OK with it. :-) Holy moly that was a LOT of snow!!

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