January 09, 2011


June @  I will craft.....

Beautiful pieces. I'm sure they will find a new home and be well loved.

laura @ the shorehouse

What's the link to your eBay store? The Scottish part of me had me at "thistle." :-)

I did some serrrrioooousss clearing of the decks during Snowmaggedon. Nothing had much value so I brought it to the SPCA thrift shop. I decided I'm a much better yard sale shopper than hoster!!

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Such beautiful items you have for sale, Susan! I think you'll have no problem selling them!

My house is bursting at the seams so I have declared a moratorium on buying any new decorative things and I really need to start minimizing, too!

susan ericson

The crystal has not been posted on ebay...I was hoping for some private buyers. Let me know when you will be nearby and can take a look!
♥, Susan

Gina Alfani

ohhhhhh I'm wishing that I had some extra money to spend :( Love your glass stuff!!

Come by and promote your sale on my Facebook fan page . . .


Have a wonderful day . . . Gina


Hi Susan!
I have to laugh at your statement
"Collections seem to find their way into our house"...
there is no question in my mind as to how they get there, and then you do confess (sort of) "what I might make room for in the coming Estate sale, yard sale, and flea marketing season."
It's always fun to hear about your adventures, and to see your newly acquired treasures, so I hope your collecting continues!


Beautiful collections! I bet by selling, you'll have room for new collections :)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Happy New Year Susan! I need to do the same thing. Good for you for editing your collections. I always say I am going to do it and never get around to it.

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift

It is such a good feeling to get things cleared out and moved on to someone else who will love them next:)

Mrs. Magpie

Boy, Susan, you are doing some very serious cleaning! I need to do the same thing. I was thinking about it today that it seems that some of my posessions are starting to own me and not vice versa. I admire you doing this, and I might follow your example. Might being the operative word. LOL! I have a hard time letting go, but I need to do just that.


Sheila :-)


SUUUUSAAANm What are ya doin!!!! How can you do a sale like this at tax time!!!! Alumiholics like us have to verrry careful...seeing all that...


You will have no trouble selling these lovely things.It's nice to make space for new collection :-). I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Hi Susan
I was reading another blog I like called The Stone Rabbit, and Dana was showing her Rodney Kent hammered aluminum collection. I immediately thought of you and gave her the link to this post. Now I'm sharing her link with you :)


Do you think we will be getting the foot of snow they predict tomorrow? AGH! I ran to the library this afternoon to load up on library books and DVDS --I'm ready! :)

susan ericson

Thanks so much Pat. That was such a neat post to read! I sent Dana a message and suggested she find the link to the aluminist. If I am not mistaken, her collections actually come from New York. The aluminum was made in a shop on the corner of Rodney and Kent streets.
I am hoping that this fizzles out a little, but I have a feeling it wont, so stay safe!
♥, Susan


"The collector in me loves the hunt for the prettiest and the best, while the minimalist (and I use that adjective lightly)..."

Agahahaahaha! Susan, I love you...too funny. I totally understand!


Susan, I love hammered aluminum. Where are you selling?

susan ericson

Hi Beverly, The link to the ebay sales you can find here http://shop.ebay.com/sueskitchen/m.html
I am surprised at how many people are interested in the vintage aluminum. I have been hesitating to write more about it, thinking that it would bore my readers, but I am now reconsidering this.
♥, Susan


So many pretties!

Hope you are having a good week Susan:))



All such lovely pieces. I'm sure they will sell quickly. Isn't it nice to move things along and clear some space? As long as you don't fill it with new collections!

Carolee Clark

Beautiful, and I know they'll go quickly!

~ Carolee

Sue @Rue Mouffetard

Hi Susan...Talk about snow...we were stuck in Jersey for a month...everytime we tried to leave for home another storm would blow thru....Have you any milk glass for sale??...I need more pieces like a hole in the head but I'm always looking...Sue @ Rue


I need to do the same. Good for you to edit your collections. I always say I'll do and it is. I admire you for that and I can follow your example. Perhaps the slogan. Thanks !!!

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