February 11, 2011



Oh Susan!!! I love that picture! You look as beautiful as ever and your husband is so cute! I love the height difference...Mark is almost 6'3 and I am 5'1 so we have it too, but yours looks even more so!

I just love seeing that photo it helps me picture other things you've written about your past!

Happy Anniversary!

susan ericson

Thanks so much Laura...hes 64 and I am just 5...makes formal dancing a little tricky! Have a wonderful weekend. ♥

Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Susan you and your husband look so young and adorable in this photo and so much in love! It's so romantic that you were married so close to Valentine's Day! Happy belated anniversary! Happy Valentines Day!
Thanks for the "shout out" too! :)
♥ Pat

Cheryl F

Susan, Such a lovely post. It sure brings back those memories for me too, when I was also a 14 year old girl..I am lucky to have found my husband to and we are still in love!! I loved your wedding picture! Thank you for sharing with us! Congrats on a wonderful marriage and family!! They are so hard to come by these days...you are blessed to have both!! xoxoxoxox


What a sweet post! So young! Happy Anniversary!

I loved that movie! I may need to watch it again! So much better than the remake.


Happy Anniversary and Pink Saturday!

Love your romantic post!

~ Gabriela ~

beatrice banks

What a beautiful post! Congrats to 32 years! That's what I call true love. Wishing you many more happy memories together!


Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentines Day too! We must be close to the same age because I remember when that movie came out too. In fact, if I remember correctly, my Mom almost didn't let us go because she heard it was "racy"! LOL, compared to what the kids watch these days, it was Sesame Street! Have a great weekend! Nan


Happy Anniversary, Susan! How darling a couple, yet not so long ago! We are pushing the 1/2 mark shortly! Sending you hearts, flowers & a big hug ...

Happy Valentine's PS weekend ~


That is a very romantic movie! Congratulations on 32 years--we just had our 30th. Happy Valentine's Day. Linda


That was so sweet. You are a really cute couple then and now. Happy Anniversary too.


This is just lovely---and the picture is precious. Happy Anniversary!!



What a great pic! Happy Anny and Valentine's Weekend-enjoy:@)


Your photos are truly a treasure. I want to wish you both a Happy Anniversary. I love stories that have happy endings and I hope you are still together and still celebrating 30 years from now. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

Lynn Kreizl

Congratulations on your anniversary. Thank you for sharing your inspirational, moving love story. Good for both of you!

Francie Thornton

Happy Anniversary, Happy Valentines Day and Happy Pink Saturday...what a beautiful couple...and a beautiful love story too.


What a perfect week to celebrate a wedding anniversary! You both looked so young and adorable!!

Happy Anniversary and
Happy Pink Saturday
Deborah in NC


A perfect post for a special occasion near Valentine. Best wishes to you and hubby for many more blessed years together.


Happy pink saturday, sweet chick! Nice to meet you. I don't think I've ever been here before.


Happy Anniversary! It was so lovely to read this and to hear that you are still happily in love. That is truly inspirational!

I have actually posted about my wedding too! Love is definitely in the air!

Best Valentine's wishes,


32 years! That's so fabulous :->
Your wedding picture is sooo sweet.
xo, suzy

Lynn @thevintagenest

To me, you two look just like the couple in the movie poster. Loved this story! HPS and Happy Valentines


Happy anniversary! Happy Pink Saturday.

Laura Ingalls Gunn

Oh I just love LOVE! Especially when it is PINK!

Happy Hearts Day to you and yours!

Sherry @ Country Wings in Phoenix

Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
Love is in the air. I can see it in these photos. Such a gorgeous share. Isn't it fun to look back?

Congratulations on your upcoming Anniversary of 32 years. You all look just beautiful in your photos. (DH and I just celebrated our 35th in Jan.) There aren't many of us left around.

Have a gorgeous weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Happy Anniversary Susan!! What a wonderful post!!


Howdy Susan
Conagratulations on your anniversary !
What a beautiful post :)
Thank you for sharing a true love story ,you have simply made my heart believe all over again that True Love can happen and last .May you and your sweetie have many more awesome years together and a very special Valentines day .
Until next time
Happy Trails


Oh my Susan-- congrats to both of you. Looks like you both have understood what it is to give and take and compomise.

I was exactly like you in the fact I loved the Romeo and Juliet movie! I saw it many many times.

I especially loved your tulip boquet. (my post today) You made a very darling couple. I dare say you couldve given Olivia run for her money.

Brenda Kula

Ah, a real love story! And with a happy years later! Happy Anniversary!


Happiest Anniversary. I hope you have many more. If you come over for a visit, I have 2 Pink posts. Please look at the other one..our romance has lasted over 50 years. :))
xo bj


Beautiful post - Happy Anniversary!

Anna's Adornments, Sweden

What a sweet post! Congratulations!
Best wishes,
Anna's Pink Saturday (12 Feb.)

Pat Petrovich

Oh, my, you are a gorgeous young couple! Happy Anniversary and congratulations!


Congrats on your anniversary. Love the photos and I wish you many more ahppy years. Happy Valentine's Day!


Ah, Susan. Thank you for sharing your love story, and I am so glad that you have been blessed with a marriage of enduring love.

I remember this movie well. I was sixteen years old, and I loved it, too.♥


Oh Susan, what a beautiful post! Wishing you the happiest of anniversaries, and love and happiness throughout the years to come.

A Garden of Threads

Happy Anniversary. Best wishes for many wonderful years to come.

Lavender Dreams

Happy Anniversary...what a special occasion this is for you! Enjoy this wonderful holiday and the precious memories! Love your mosaic! ♥♥♥


Happiest of Anniversaries!!! Lovely and romantic post!!


What a lovely couple you made. Congratulations and hope you have many more happy years together.


What lovely memories - that movie inspired me too! I only have to hear the music..........


Oh gosh! I saw that movie in high school and fell head over heels for romeo! He was a cutie.

Here's to many more happy years together! Happy Valentine's Day!


What a sweet post...and I remember the movie also... Wishing you a beautiful anniversary and birthday week!!!

Jan  Australia

Beautiful that you have such happy memories.
Have a wonderful Anniversary and Birthday.

Happy Valentines Day and Blue Monday too.


Happy Anniversary,Susan. You guys look so cute!


Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

Nostalgic Marveling

You look very beautiful on your wedding day!

Blue Monday, happy valentine's day!


What a sweet couple you make and what a pretty dress ;) Happy Valentines Day!


Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day Susan! What a cute couple you are!


Happy Anniversary! What sweet photos!

Happy Valentine's Day too :-)

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