March 27, 2011



Holy Cow! what a sight. Loving your new lamp, it has an old Hollywood feel to it:) visiting from Between Naps on the Porch


If I lived in NYC I'd be in line to see that quilt show - gorgeous!
Your re-do sounds lovely, and a big change in colour for you, so I look forward to seeing it.

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook

Great collection you have, love it! So funny you got to drive behind a cow. LOL, nice view?


I've seen that cow! Nice lamp, and that is just what Candice would say. I think I would never choose the same finishes and styles that she goes for, but I am always completely blown away by her reveals. As for the quilts, the first thing that came to my mind was, where does one store 650 quilts? Not something you can pile on the end of the bed.
Have a nice week!


Great lamp, crazy cow trailer and what a huge collection of quilts...I've been to quilt shows and they should be called fabric art because they are truly "art"...
Have a beautiful week!!!


There's no way a blogger couldn't blog about seeing that cow. No way. And that quilt show...hope that you're going. Free admission? Now that's even better. It just looks amazing. Nice collection of printed aluminum. I've never seen a better one. And why limit yourself if it brings you joy. All the best with the renovations. We want to see that room with the bling added.

ellen b

Oh wow, that is an amazing assortment of red and white quilts. I wonder how she stores them. Your aluminum collection is so pretty. I think the fact that it's printed aluminum should be specific enough....
Have a good week.


Beautiful lamp! And I love the aluminums. They look like works of art...Christine

dotsie (aka podso)

THat's a great lamp! And what a sight on the roads! Reminds me of the "jersey cow" that was by an ice cream place we used go to in NJ--maybe by that name!


I think I may have seen that cow, too! I definitely saw that ad, and wowza -- what a collection! And your aluminum collection is wonderful.. maybe someday you will be in the American Folk Art Museum, too. :) Thanks for sharing, Susan. Hope to see your renovation soon!

Amanda @ House Revivals

How funny to happen across a giant cow on the highway! I, to have a collection of hammered aluminum. When we moved from our home of seventeen years, I donated most of my collection to a charity auction, but kept some favorite Continental, Rodney Kent, and Arthur Wright pieces. I was going to donate it all, but I just couldn't -- it's just too beautiful!

Love the name of your blog!



The cow is such a fun sight to see ...lol...going for an outing in the back of a truck ;)

I'd LOVE to see that amazing red quilt collection but I doubt I'd be able to get to the Armory by the 30th. Are you going? Your aluminum collection is as equally as stunning.

It sounds like your renovations are almost over! I know you'll be so pleased with ti all, Susan,


Wow, the red and white quilts are all beautiful. It would be nice to walk around the American Folk Art museum.

Becky K.

That cow came straight from Lancaster County! I recognized it right away!!

How out of placed it must have seemed to you....but around here we are used to it.



Holy Moly - wonder what the destination for the cow was? Very cool ads and look forward to your room redo pics. Visted Home Goods myself Sunday;)

A Garden of Threads

Love the collection on red and white quilts, I have only one. Great lamps.


That cow is something else! Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan.


That cow must be visiting from Texas! Too funny! I love serendipitous blog fodder!

Happy Blue Monday!


Hi Susan, a great title for a very interesting post. Love that huge cow. What a sight to be seen. Smile! The red and white quilts are unbelievable. I would really love to see them. There are lots of collectors out their for beautiful aluminum art work. A wonderful art with creative beauty. I so enjoyed your post today. Three in one wins me over.LOL.
Hugs, Jeanne

Lavender Dreams

The quilts are wonderful...love your mosaics! So you got out...and saw a cow...I got out and saw a man swinging from a tree! heehee! Life is never dull...and aren't you glad we carry our cameras with us at ALL times! lol


I would have fainted if I saw the quilts! Amazing. How did she not get bored and want to do blue? Your collection is so unusual. I love it. Great mosaic.


A cute post. so many lovely mosaics. Happy Monday.


Seeing that cow must have been surreal! Those red quilts are so beautiful displayed together like that. The aluminum decorations are neat. I've seen stuff like that. Now I'm curious on how its done.


Those red geometric quilts are amazing! But oh my goodness, what really caught my eye was your hammered aluminum collection!! I collect that too. LOVE your pieces!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I would LOVE to go to that quilt show, because red and white quilts are my favorite! And your new lamp is gorgeous. I love little touches of bling like that in a room!
Happy REDnesday,


That cow is too much and you were at the wrong end of it :-). I'm looking forward to seeing your finished room. The lamps are lovely. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary


Those quilts are so beautiful..oh to have my house filled with them..


MOO!! Love that.
The quilt show makes me think..."road trip" lol
I will have to take pics of our hammered aluminum for you one day soon..I need a new camera. Happy soft rain day!!

Eye care

I guess that cow wasn't real,because it's too big and thy don't transport them like that. But anyway, great view, the back of a cow :)))

Fifi Flowers

Cows are sooo cute!


I once went to that quilt show years ago. It was fabulous! Your floral aluminum mosaic is fabulous, too!


Loved the cow and those quilts are lovely. I thought I would quilt but realized...not....so I donated all the stuff I had collected to try it. That sure is a great lamp too.


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