March 02, 2011


Cuisine Kathleen

Trying to post a comment. Let's see!

Cuisine Kathleen

Yeah, it worked this time!
Great memories! Woolworth's counter having lunch and then shopping at the 5 and 10! Gifts for everyone! :)


The little hole in the wall diners are the best:@)


OOh fun, great nostalgia! fun photos and it all sounds wonderful.

laura @ the shorehouse

That's it...road trip! :-) I've never been here, either!

susan ericson

Any time...you would love the crepes!

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook

I have such great memories of the luncheonette's, too cool that you still have one to go to! Looks like a great place! I have memories of egg creams with a pretzel rod and spinning on those luncheonette stools! Loved Schraffts and Horn and Hardart's, too!

susan ericson

Carol, Also coming from Long Island, luncheonettes were a mainstay just like the diners. I loved Horn and Hardart...wish they would bring it back! I have tried over and over to recreate the mac and cheese...wish they had those recipes in a cookbook.


Those eggs benedict variations sound yummy, but I think I'll take the the three berry crepe with sour cream! Linda

Tracy F.

The food sounds soooo good! Here in the South, we have Sonic drive-ins that still sometime shave skating waiters/waitresses. My grandfather, in Michigan, used to take all us cousins to A&W Root Beer Stand in the summertime. My sister and I thought that was such a big deal, because we didn't have those in Alabama. Good memories...

susan ericson

Thanks Tracy...we had the rootbeer stand in Vermont, and everytime we would get there (the start of our vacations), that would be our first stop...good memories!


Your post totally brought a tear to my eye - my grandfather used to take me to Woolworth's for malteds.


I know the food is fantastic, but I am still stuck at the screen door thinking of all the memories it brings back.....everyone had a screen door when I was growing up and my grandmother had the best one....all gingerbready and such. Lovely post.


Oh, this was wicked reading this late at night as I am sitting here with my mouth watering. Those breakfasts sounded so good. I forgot about the Woolworths counter. Your description placed me right back there.

I love, love, love Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Everything is so sinfully huge and fattening and I want some of all of it. We have a couple of places that he has featured here in Utah and I want to go out to them all.
Fun post.

Carol at Serendipity

There is nothing like a good diner breakfast! I grew up in New Jersey and we had diners and we had Woolworth's. Egg creams were one of my favorites.

Have a great weekend.



Susan, I loved your post today and if ever I'm in Red Bank I'll know just where to eat. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary


I am noting this place and when we are in the area we will look for it. How I remember the Woolworth's counter in the Cherry Hill Mall. Sweet reminiscing through your post!

Jenna Ericson

Ahh, what I would do for one of the lingonberry crepes or the California omelette right now...

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook


I googled the mac n cheese! Arthur Schwartz recipes are usually good! Not the same as coming from a little glass window though! My grandma put tomatoes in hers, too!

susan ericson

Thanks Carol...this recipe is one I will have to try...now if only I could put that quarter in the slot and have a little dish pop out. Ah, nostalgia.


Oh this sounds so good! I love any kind of Benedict, but the New Orleans style sounds wonderful! We always end up drooling when we watch DD&D!


Wow Susan this is terrific. Sounds like you really like the Cafe. You have kind words and you are an amazing friend!

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