July 17, 2011



My gosh that nest looks like molten lava. I have a much smaller and a rather average one in my living room minus the hornets.

Oh wow. What a great idea to grow up. I just saw that Melissa at The Inspired Room rounded up an old pallet for going up only she used plantings in buckets and hooked them on. Now I'm thinking that rounding up unused pallets may be a way to grow veggies without the expense or time of making them.

Going back to enlarge your wonderful and colorful mosaics. (Your supper sounded amazing!)


Wonderful shots of all the veggies, I love tomatoes. The wasp nest looks very scary. Lovely photos and mosaic. I hope you have a great week!

Ocean Breezes & Country Sneezes

Yikes, that is some nest, and it's active!

I love going to the farmers market, we went to two this weekend and a local farm stand!

Your photos are beautiful and delicious looking ~ except the hornets! LOL!


That's quite a market - something for everyone!
I love the shots of the hornets' nest - very scary place!

Lavender Dreams

Love all of the colorful produce and yummies! The hornet's nest is VERY scary! I have had them chase me stinging all the way...so I would not even try to get that close! Love your mosaics! ♥


Wow, that nest is so beautiful -- really a natural work of art!

And oh, your veggies look wonderful! I'm getting hungry just reading this... :) xoxo


Oh my gosh! That nest is amazing. Gorgeous crop!
Dropping by from Met Monday


A Garden of Threads

Yes, Mother Nature is amazing. She can produce some amazing things. Have a wonderful week:)


Market gardens at this time of the year are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. I wouldn't want to get too close to the hornets nest. V

ellen b

Oh my that is an amazing hornets nest! They are such mean critters. This farmer's market looks really great!

Teacup Lane

I wouldn't fool around with a hornet nest...especially one that huge. My Dad was stung badly years ago on a golf course. Hornets can sting over and over again.

My Little Home and Garden

I'm impressed by all of your collages. Wow! The fresh vegetables look delicious, I'm inspired to bake a quiche this week, and the hornets nest does have a certain beauty to it -I wouldn't want it in my yard, though! :)


I love Farmer's markets like this, Susan, and all their wonderful fresh produce and baked goods! I loved each mosic and the photos of the fantastic large hornet's nest! WOW!


I love the garden trellis idea! I only have a teeny-tiny strip of garden outside my patio and use the fence to train my peas. I'm hoping to train my cukes up the fence too. I'll be very interested to see how the squash and melons do since they're so heavy.

Amazing hornet nest! I've seen faux nests like that for sale online to keep hornets and wasps out of your yard.

Pat@Back Porch Musings

What an amazing post! Would love to find a farmers mkt like this.

The trellis' idea is brilliant.

We used to have a couple of dormant hornets nests. One was formed around an old green metal light. The sort of light that used to be found on barns or posts at farms. It was beautiful. J kept it out in our garage at the farm. Unfortunately a playful little beagle came along and had a field day with it! It was interesting seeing all the layers.

Jenna Ericson

That hornets nest looks frightening... or at least the prospects of what may be inside is! Lovely produce, though. Gotta love the farmer's market!
Dinner sounds yummy. Enjoy it! Love you!


Holy Moly that is one huge nest! I adore farmer's markets and your beautiful produce mosaics has me wishing for Saturday's market day here already.


Pamela Gordon

Those are beautiful mosaics of the veggies and pies. They look so good! Love the nest too. Wow, it's huge! ~ Pamela


hi Susan, I'm so glad I found you. Your blog is a treasure trove of beautiful veggies. Great photographs and mosaics. All the deserts look amazing. This post is making me ready to do some home cooking. Thanks for sharing, and I'll bet those Jersey tomatoes will be delicious.

The French Hutch


I went to the Red Bank market yesterday and was disappointed that I didn't have my camera with me! Your photos are wonderful! I would love to check out your community garden one day too. Boy that is one big hornets' nest!


your market photos are great - wonderful color...but that wasp nest is scary! I'm allergic so wouldn't get anywhere near it - you are brave!
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Mama Zen

I am so jealous about your green beans! Mine haven't survived the heat.

Jann Olson

Oh how I love meals with fresh from the garden veggies. Ours have been a bit slow this year. Have only had Spring veggies. Can't wait to pick that first tomatoe! Going to Farmers Markets is one of my most favorite things to do. That nest is amazing! You got a great shot.


Thanks for sharing this great photos!
Have a nice week,

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze

Very nice pictures. If you like, join us on *PicStory*. You are warmly invited! :) LG Tina


Love your photos! What kind of camera are you using these days? Mine was dropped a couple of weeks ago and no longer works:( I miss it!
The nest is wild! What a great photo of it. I wonder what the photo/nest would look like printed on canvas? It's so very graphic-looking.

susan ericson

Hi Jenny, I am using a Nikon coolpix s630..it is very easy to work with and I use Picasa for editing. I am hoping to have some prints made of the picture of the nest...it is incredible and not discernible from the street...you have to know that it is there.Hope you are enjoying the summer...how are the wedding plans going?
♥, Susan

Porch Days

Produce looks great. The hornets nest is beautiful. I like to cook my potatoes in with the green beans - yummy. Nancy

Squirrel Queen

Your farmers' market looks like a lot of fun, there is certainly a lot of variety.

That nest is cool but I wouldn't get too close.

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

I have never seen a hornet's nest that big before! Amazing! Thanks for your bravery in getting such great shots to share with us. And your fruits and veggies look so yummy! I've yet to have a fresh, homegrown tomato this season and I am so aching for one. Soon ... very soon. Thanks for sharing!


Fabulous shots! And I am jealous of your friend's garden...Christine


I am amazed at the array of tomatoes and other vegetables that you showed. I love the trellis idea for the squash and such but that hornet's nest would have sent me packing. Hope it doesn't cause trouble for you or others.

Joyce M

Heavens to Betsy, that wasps nest does look like lava flow. Amazing find!
Joyce M


I love every photo in this post! Wonderful summer gardens and harvests. Incredible hornets nest!


I love going to the farmer's market and also growing my own veggies...but that hornet's nest...I'm glad it's no where near here!!


Beautiful produce! Inspired trellises! Amazing hornet's nest! Delicious quiche!


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