August 02, 2011


Jenna Ericson

I wish that I was home to try out that bruschetta! The recipe seems simple enough to follow, though. Those tomatoes really are sooo delicious. The honey is, too! I definitely want to get some honey this weekend before going back to school.

Only Cute Things

Hi! cute post! so interesting

You're invited to participate in my party "Step by step on tuesday"

I hope you sice 8/16

Linda Makiej

wonderful photos!


Thanks for the recipe! I'm going to try it!


There is nothing as delicious as a ripe heirloom tomato fresh from the vine! Your bruschetta looks delicious, Sue!


That looks like a wonderful farmer's market! Just the kind I love!

Squirrel Queen

Great photos! I love the farmers' market and exploring all the goodies they have available each weekend.


I tend to over buy at the fresh farmer markets here. That is the best place to shop. They are little pricey now due to the hot weather.

Barbara F.

Hi Susan, I am glad I found you, but not with the new link! I LOVE farmers' markets and heirloom tomatoes. What great photos. I would love to taste blueberry honey. Thanks for stopping by. xo,

Bonnie Morgan

Your bruschetta sounds wonderful. Heirloom tomatoes are the best.

I was very interested in the blueberry honey also. Noticed you liked the Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper. The book, A Greater Journey by James McCollugh talks about James Cooper and Samuel Morse in Paris. Very interesting.

Joyce M

I don't believe I have tasted blueberry honey. I will look in nearby stores and taste it if it is available. Very interesting blog.
Joyce M


That is a good harvest. Lovely captures.

Sue in Atlanta

Hi Sue....I have to admit Jersey has the finest fruits and veggies anywhere.....I missed out on the corn this year....I usually bring some home when we leave but forget to stop this time....
Thanks for the nice compliment on the new house....It is hardly a mansion....it does have great curb appeal....the whole subdivision looks like Colonial Williamsburg....I waited 40 years to live in a house that you could actually vacuum the entire first floor of the house and not do it from one electrical outlet....LOL
Moving in Friday....Saturday 50 pieces of new furniture are being delivered....pictures to follow!!


Nothing better than a farmersmarket for fresh fruit and vegetables. I love to go there for my weekly goods. Have a great week.

Evergreen Tree

These are lovely! Yummy! Thx for sharing the receipe as well.

Carol Hansen

Farmers Markets are great. Looks like you have a good one.

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook

Nice collection of books! The honey looks so good. And those tomatoes, fantastic! Bruschetta is perfect for them!

Jann Olson

Love all of your photos! The honey sounds yummy. We stopped at a Farmers mkt. last Monday in Cour D'Alene, Idaho. It was small, but we walked away with red onion jam, huckleberry jam (had to buy that one), and a wonderful picture of an old barn. Visiting farmer's mkt's while on vacation is one of my favorite things to do. Your bruschetta sounds delicious! YUM, YUM!


My son made the greatest bruschetta out of some home made french bread and home grown tomatoes and herbs from our garden...all of our summer meals are based around the garden and what is ready...I love picking my dinner! Great pictures from the farmer's market...I love to go to ours!


Looks like a great farmer's market Susan! Dr. Pickle sounds like fun and I'll bet the cookbook has some great ideas:@)

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