August 17, 2011


kary gonyer

love seeing your garden... so mid summer

happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen...it's been a while and you have been missed, my friend

happy to stop by today


Lavender Dreams

Pattypan? I've never seen anything like it! You sure had a good harvest this year! WOW! ♥


Your vegetable garden was so productive, Susan! It must be nice to eat so much fresh bounty every night. The pattypan squash are cute!

Thatw as one big bee and I'm glad the hornet'snest survived all the rain our area ahs been having.

Lynn @thevintagenest

My neighbor has a nest like that high up in the magnolia tree. And no, you are not weird. It is pure delight to go out and pick fresh veggies. I love running out on the deck and picking enough basil to make fresh pesto for supper. It's quick easy and soo sooo good. And there's something about a fresh crisp tiny just picked cucumber in your salad that just can't be beat. :)


I envy you the garden and all the lovely produce you've photographed for us. I imagine some great food is coming from your summer kitchen. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

The Kitchen Witch

Lord! Where is it you live again?! That's the biggest hornet's nest I've ever seen. And, rain! Well, our plants and grass are just holding on for dear life. Lucky you with your bounty!


I love those chocolate wafers and I've done ice cream sandwiches with them too. Easy and delicious!

All I can say is bring on the tomatoes and not the hornet's! That nest looks really scary! We are plagued with ground hornets here - nasty little devils.


My girlfriend has been canning like crazy too.. tons of tomatoes along with alot of other things.. you all will eat well this winter.. be careful of the hornets nest you don't want to get stung.. that thing is huge.. hugs ~lynne~

Cathy at Wives with Knives

Ice cream sandwiches made with Famous Chocolate Wafers is one of our favorite summer treats. That hornet's nest is a little scary but it looks like it is there to stay.c


The giant sunflower is simply beautiful. Attractive to see.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Barbara Rosenzweig

This sunflower sure is a giant, but what I find stunning are your shots of the fresh veggies!!


Dang, I am so jealous of all that fabulous produce! My tomatoes got the blight this year so they are long gone :-


Wow! Your garden is amazing this year as always!
We have decided that a tree or two might need to come out this winter for enough sun for next year's garden.


I held back on the veggies this year and went for the flowers. I'm {this close} to rethinking my decision. Just look at your bounty!

Your sunflower is amazing! For some reason, mine grew tremendous this year too.

Thanks for sharing, Susan...

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