August 19, 2011



Hi Susan and Happy Pink Saturday....
My hubby and I love events like this. It is so much fun and so nostalgic! And....I had a pink poodle skirt just like that one!!!! One sweet hip grandmother give it to me!


Wow, all those beautiful old cars. And there were so many. LOve the pink skirt. Happy pink Saturday


That is a lot of vintage cars. I would definitely thought there would be a pink one there. At least, it was not a lost cause. Pink poodles do just fine.


Just gorgeous - I love the fabulous paint jobs on these old cars. How fun that somebody wants to invest that kind of money in vintage cars because I don't, but I sure love looking at them. The reds are my favorite too. Our neighbors have a dark grape purple antique hotrod!
Happy Pink Saturday


Weird to think that these vintage cars were new when I was young. yikes!


What a fun way to spend the day. Thanks for sharing it with us.



You have killed many birds with one stone :-). It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day and I suspect your guy had a really great time. Your photos and the collages you made from them are wonderful. Have a terrific weekend. Blessings...Mary


Those are very colorful cars.
Literally, you were so lucky to have found that pink skirt which is perfect for the pink saturday.

Nice post.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Priscilla Bahr

Nice concept and neat photos


Hi, Susan,
I enjoy looking at the antique cars, too.
The first collage with cars of Red, then white, then blue is clever!

Love that pink Poodle skirt. I would be very tempted to browse the rest of the store. What did you find?
Happy Pink Saturday!

Barbara Rosenzweig

Wow, Susan, many of these don't look so vintage to me since I grew up seeing them! Great patriotic assortment in the first mosaic!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my painting process! Hope to see you again!

I'm you new follower.

Kim Wright (Pinkim)

This does sound like fun! But I can't believe it...Not one Pink cadie ...Sheesh...Pinkim from


It took a while to find you, but worth it! PS wouldn't be PS without you!


Happy pink day! No pink cars? What? Have a great weekend.


The skirt is adorable, but a pink car would have been fabulous. Lovely pics. Happy Pink Saturday


Love going to the car museum and vintage shows...fun. Happy pink saturday~

Cathy at Wives with Knives

That must have been a fun display to see. I'm always amazed by how lovingly and beautifully maintained old cars can be.


Oh how I love vintage cars! Wish I owned one:)


what fun! I love looking at classic cars! We saw a big orange and brown one coming down the street today! It was so pretty! I enjoyed this post and hope you enjoy your week. My friend Alyn made poodle skirts for my girls in grade school! They were made from blue felt and she hand cut the poodle with the leash and all the glittery sequins! They are so beautiful I still have them! Thanks for sharing. Anne


I love that sunshine yellow, too. I once had a VW that color!! :) Your pink find was darling!!! HPS!!! dana

PS OMG....that hornet's nest is HUGE!!!! I'd be scared to death!! :)

Ms. Burrito

Beautiful collection!


Mellow Yellow at my page, please come and see.


Nice old cars.

Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

Jann Olson

Hi Susan,
Wow! That's alot of cars!! My SIL has an old car and loves going to cruise night. It really is fun to see them. They say that red and then white are still the most common colors of cars. Love them all! Especially the red. That pop of pink and yellow were such a nice surprise at the end of the post. Have a great week!

Kim, USA

Love those cars and the colors are awesome too!

Blue Monday

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes

Thanks for the nice compliment you left for me. Please visit again. That show looks like a fun place to spend time. I like the pretty colors of the cars. The pink poodle skirt is way before my time but I have always enjoyed seeing them. As my Mom says, those were the days! Have a great week. Shannon


Hi Susan, great pink poodle skirt. Love it! The car show looks like great fun. I love the old model cars and blue and red were popular colors for sure. A couple of yellow cars looked out of place. HA!
Have a happy day. Nice to be in walking distance.
Hugs, Jeanne


Wow! So many wonderful cars in so many wonderful colors! I love your mosaics.

The pink poodle skirt was also fun t see ;)

Hugs, Pat


Beautiful captures.

My Blue Monday is here.


Absolutely gorgeus! Can I have a blue one, please?


Oh those 57 CHEVY'S make my heart swoon!!! Such wonderful memories. Love the poodle skirt.

Kay Ellen

oh my goodness look at all those vintage cars? What great fun!

Happy Rednesday:))

Kay Ellen


Hi Susan,
thanks for visiting my blog. I'll try the grilled cheese next time we go to the Pop shop, perhaps in Sept.
It's a small world, my husband grew up in Rumson, we used to drive past Bruce Springsteen's house when his parents lived there.
The Emporium looks like a fun place to shop.


It is always fun seeing cars from this time frame. I can relate to them, except we could not afford one.

Stelle Courney

Are you kidding me? Those are very rare cars. When I was young, I used to watch some classic Italian Gangster films, and they used to ride those vintage autos. They looked so fierce with their suits and weapons and all that.

Adam Preece

Aww.. I also wanted to go to a vintage car show. Too bad I haven't gotten the chance to attend one. The two yellow cars look awesome, too! I can't wait for a chance to visit these car shows. :)

Ellsworth Mciltrot

I love the classic yellow cars. They remind me of classic American films like the American Graffiti. They featured a lot of cool vintage cars in that film.

car restoration

I would drool on this place. It's heaven for me.

vintage car restoration

This is what i love most.

Tari Ledsome

You're right, Ellsworth! What reminds me of these vintage cars the most are the James Bond movies that were filmed way back. Good thing those vintage rides are still out in stores and auto shows. People of today's generation are very fortunate to see some of these. I think that long, old Caddie is always seen in rap music videos though. =)

Lisa Otto

With a vintage car show like that, having a soothing classic background music would be great to listen to while looking at those cars - it brings you back to the days. Was there a 1930 Cord L 29 Formal Sedan Red? It's one of the coolest red car designs in the 1930's.

Delsie Maidens

Oldies but definitely goodies! What I love about attending vintage car shows is that these exhibits never fail to satisfy my car enthusiasm. These autos are always the best in the scene. They just never go out of style! =)

Ernest Houston

Now I miss going to vintage car shows! I remember how I felt when I went to my first vintage car show. I was 12 years old then and it really felt like those cars cast a magic spell on me. Since then, I’m in love with the classic autos. The gloss, the uniqueness – it’s magnificent!

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