September 13, 2011



Wow, it looks exqusite!!What a lovely gesture. We have been married 45 years--love the heart in the pie. Enjoy that lovely porch this autumn.

Barbara F.

That looks so good. Wonderful that you are still romantic after almost 30 years. xo,

Priscilla Bahr

Oh yum on the pie in particular. Are there two of him?


He cooks! Can't get much more romantic than that!


Nothing more romantic than a candlelight dinner with your loved one.And he even cooked it. Love the heart on the pie.

ellen b

I really admire a man who can cook! What a wonderful date. The food looks amazing!!


There's something special about a husband who cooks...and what a romantic gesture...a heart on the pie!
You are going to LOVE the empty nest! (and you'll really appreciate the kids when they come home!!!)
Jane (artfully graced)


Congratulations for a strong union! That's a cute little heart shape centerpiece on the pie!


Oh my... your dinner looks so yummy!!! And I love the aluminum covered dish it's in.


What a gorgeous man you have! It all looks sublime! Had to giggle at the kids driving etc,as am in the same place!



Your porch is so pretty and it must be so enjoyable to dine there during these pleasant end of summer days. Your husband's Hunters Veal sound de-lish! My husband use to bake apple pies with hearts cut out in the dough when we picked lots of apples in the fall with our children when they were young :) Being an empty nester is not a bad thing, Susan, and I can see you'll make the best of it!


Wonderful dinner...my hubby is a great cook too and makes me wonderful meals as well...but usually we make them together. I posted abut sedum today too!


That's so great Susan, sounds like you had an amazing meal and a nice evening-enjoy:@)


Your back porch is such a cozy and inviting place.

Mid-Atlantic Martha

What a wonderful setting and what a wonderful husband too!

Alycia Nichols

They say that the way to a MAN'S heart is through his stomach, but "they" just don't know...a man who can cook like this is SO in our hearts!!! Wow! THe fact that he actually added that heart to the crust...be still my heart! What a sweetheart! You've got yourself a real winner. Congratulations, and welcome to the end of the tunnel! My son is 33 and has been gone for about 15 years now. It's so nice when you see them thriving on their own. It lets you know you did a good job. Have a great weekend!

Lavender Dreamsl

Thanks for sharing the recipe! I've never made a dish like this but it sounds wonderful! I'm lucky, too...my hubby cooks! Your table is perfect for a nice dinner! We are in Florida now and eat most of our meals in the lanai! It's our time to talk about the day! ♥

Beyond Wandering

I would love to sit on your porch and have a meal there! Thanks for the recipe!

Miz Helen

It has been years since I have had Jaegerschnitzel and your recipe looks delicious, so does your peach pie with that pretty heart on top. I just love dinning Al Fresco this time of the year. Hope you are having a great week and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
Come Back Soon!
Miz Helen

Entertaining Women

So neat to see empty nesters looking forward instead of back. We, too, decided to focus on rekindling our relationship after all those years of sitting on bleachers. The menu was superb...especially that he fixed it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful evening. Cherry Kay


As is this post, Susan, simply priceless!

Thank you so much for sharing...

Jenna Ericson

Oh my gosh... I am jealous of ALL of that food.

As for the license thing, now if only I had a car! ;D Hahaha

Love and miss you. Excited to eat some of that at home.

susan ericson

When are you coming home?

laura @ the shorehouse

What a man. :-)

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