September 04, 2011


Lavender Dreams

Hornets nests are very scary to me! It hasn't been very many years since I was chased by a hornet and stung over and over on my back! It's one of the most painful stings! Enjoy the week ahead! It's nice to hear so many people love Fall...I'm going to try! ♥

ellen b

So glad power is restored and you are enjoying it with friends. The food looks great. Those hornets nests are scary looking...

Beth at Beyond The Garden Gate

Hi Susan, Your fall flowers are really pretty. So sorry you had to go through Irene, but glad things are nearly back to normal for you. Happy Fall!

A Garden of Threads

Fall is also my favourite season, for all the reasons you mentioned. Beautiful post. Have a fantastic week:)


You know, that hornet's nest is a work of art!!! Just hate that is houses such frightening critters/wasps. Wishing you a great rest-of the-weekend!

My Little Home and Garden

I'm with you; I prefer the cool, cozy-sweater days of autumn to the hot and steamy ones. I must get some mums, like in your collage, for my front porch. Enjoy your week!

Jenna Ericson

Oh my gosh, my mouth just started watering at the thought (and sight) of Uncle Chris's foood......


It is a shame that summer is coming to a close. There won't be many times to have bbqs and sit around outside with friends. Enjoy while it lasts I guess. V


It was so hot in Denver the entire week I was there that I felt like I was still well into summer, Susan. I arrived home early this morning ti heavy fog and humidity...ugh! I am more than ready for the cooler temps of autumn. I am ready for sweater weather!

The hornet's nest is such a work of art, isn't it? I wonder if the hornets stay in it all Winter?


So glad to hear things are getting back to normal after the hurricane. What a shame about those lovely Sunflowers though. That hornets' nest is just enormous and looks rather like a piece of garden sculpture.

Thanks for dropping by to visit my blog. You asked about the kangaroo ... actually it's a wallaby and yes, it was sleeping with its head resting on its crossed front paws!

Jann Olson

Boy oh boy do those wings look tasty! Glad you got to relax and enjoy yourself. I sure would hate to be too close to that hornet nest if it fell. WOWZY, that would be a heck of alot of mad hornets. Great mosiacs!

Jill Harrison

your flower plants in the pots are delightful. I am glad you survived the hurricane relatively safely. Have a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping by my blog to say hi!


Now you have made my tummy rumble and I want those wings. They look great.So sorry about that mean Irene. Phew must have been scary!



Good to hear the power is restored. That is no fun. The flowers are lovely and I'm sure I'd be taking photos of the hornets!!!! Brave girl!

Shirley @ The Gardening Life

I certainly hope the hornet's nest has been vacated, for your safety especially! It is rather a magnificent sight to see, but at a safe distance, like via the internet ;). I'm happy for you to know that you and your loved ones remained safe through the hurricane.


A barbecue with friends is the best way to start a new month.
That wasps' nest is frightening! Like something from a Sci Fi movie!


Move to Florida; we wear white shoes year-round.

Happy Blue Monday!


Hi Susan! Great mosaics! That hornet's nest is one scary looking thing! Hope all is well at your place and thank you for popping in to see me. I agree, we need another bridal shower after so many years of marriage - our things are wearing out! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)


Glad to hear your getting back to normal after Irene. Summer is still here in SC. We are expecting tropical storm rains but hopefully that will be all.
Happy Blue Monday and Labor Day !!


Gorgeous photos!

Blue at my page, please come and see.


Oh my, that hornets nest is amazing.


OK. That hornet's nest is seriously incredible. I sure hope you don't go too close. I agree with with your feelings about Fall. It's my favorite too. Have a wonderful week. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Awesome food and good company is the best!

My Blues

Fifi Flowers

HOLY MOLY that hornet nest is HUGE!!!

J'adore appetizers!!!

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook

Looks like a great way to welcome in September, great food and great friends! Look at the size of those nests, HUGE!


Looks like you had the picture perfect Labor Day celebration.

Ok, thanks, now I'll go pack away my white shoes and look forward to Fall, my turtlenecks, warm slacks, and pumpkins galore.


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


Oh yes, I am so looking forward to cooler (and drier) weather... :) Hope you made it through Irene OK, Susan! And all the rain yesterday, too. Although up here in the northern part of the state, I think we got more than you... Anyway, thanks for sharing at MM. :)


Amazing nest!

Luna Miranda

your potted flowers are very pretty! food seems to taste more delicious when shared with family and friends.:p

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