September 18, 2011



Fall is a colorful time of year. I love the apples and the pumpkins. I can alomost smell a pumpkin or apple pie cooking. I am happy with all the blue, it is my favorite color. Your post and photos are great.

Lavender Dreamsl

How interesting...I'm off to see how many blues I have! Love the colors of autumn! Happy Monday! ♥


Blue is always my go-to colour, my favorite, so I'm probably a sucker for marketing-in-blue. In the fall, however, orange is the winner!


Happy Monday! I wish I could peek through my window and see the golden and red leaves.

A nice apple pie would be great from the farm!


What a fascinating and fall filled post this week. Love all of your photos. Now you have me curious about the blues in my kitchen.Now you have me wondering how much blue I have around and about.genie


Remember how exotic apples used to be if they weren't Red Delicious or Macintosh? How wonderful to have such an assortment! Thanks for sharing your beautiful autumn colors, Susan! xoxo


Can't wait to get a few pumpkins. Blue is my favorite color. Enjoyed your pictures.

Dropping by from Met Monday.

Vintage Gumwood Cabinet Kitchen


Fall is my favorite time of year! I'm looking forward to apple & pumpkin season :-)


You do sound very glad to see the end of summer. I feel exactly the same way about our summers here, although our autumns are not filled with the same colours as yours. Great collages. I have to say I've never noticed the prevalence of blue on things like grocery packaging and cookbook covers, but maybe it's so.


I love the color blue --that is why my blog's background is blue :)

I also am a big fan of pumpkins --they always make me smile this time of the year. I heard that the pumpkin crop was going to be scarce this year due to all the flodding from Hurricane irene so i was happy to hear your market was full of them, Susan.

ellen b

Love your photos and fall welcoming mosaics. Fall is a wonderful time of year. It really is something to see all the blue that is used in marketing...

Jann Olson

Hey, that blue thing really got me thinking. I have heard that blue in the home is very calming. Never realized how many products are blue. Well, it goes nicely with your gorgeous orange pumpkins. Blue and orange are complimentary colors. Those apples would make a tasty apple crisp. One of my fall favorites!

Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads

I have never noticed all the blue packages. I guess if that was a marketing strategy, it didn't work for me (unless it was subliminal.)
I'll really be noticing next time I go to the grocery store. Yes, we decorate for fall. We put up scarecrows, get some bales of straw,and put out the mums and pumpkins. I enjoy decorating more for fall than Christmas.


Very nice post. Wonderful set of images.


I love all the fall colors and I usethem in the house too.I never noticed the color blue being dominant but I am going to look for it now. lol
Have a nice week.


What a wonderful post about these day approaching Autumn. It's my favorite time of the year. Thank you too for stopping by and leaving such a kind note.


I do have my collection of pumpkins and thanksgiving decor out now. I do love the colours of this season but I miss just pulling on a pair of shorts and flip flops and going out side. Now it is shoes and socks and a sweater and soon...oh let's not go there. Wonderful mosaics. V

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook

Never noticed but yes, right, lots of blue! That is my favorite color so it works for me. I am with you, looking forward to Fall, the weather, the leaves, the foods, bring it on!


I think that blue is often used because it is the favorite color of the majority.

Happy Blue Monday to you, Susan!


Thanks for dropping by! Wow, I can see a lot of things going on in your end and it's contagious here, I'm wanting some pumpkins too! And I agree, most colors are either in blue, red or yellow. Mostly primaries. Hmmm...and yes, sunshine colors makes me happy too!


Harvest welcome!
Thanks for sharing!
Have a nice week and enjoy harvest...


I like autumn and like the colors too. Thanks for the photos love the blue dishes.

Blue Eyeball


Hi Susan, I love your fall attitude. I too am always energized by the coming of fall. Today I have been working on my mantels, table tops etc. I get excited about decorating for fall because these colors are my absolute favorites.
Love your post today.
Hugs, Jeanne
PS: About blue, I have very little blue in my home. However, I do believe it is a top choice of color.


hi Susan, Great post. Fall/Autumn is a beautiful time to year, although I am a little sad to see the long days of summer and the warm, not hot temperatures turn freezing. I love the first chill in the air and of course the beautiful fall colors. All your photos are great examples of what to look forward to. Your place mats are great. Thanks for sharing

The French Hutch


yea, we are going apple picking this weekend. Can't wait!


Wow you've got lots of color!

My Blue, come drop by anytime, thanks!.


Gorgeous shots of everything. The colors of the apples and the pumpkins are just wonderful. I guess blue is the color. I am going to have to take a look at my cookbooks and see what colors they are.


I'm so glad I finally made it here, Susan! Just what I needed to brighten up this "blue" Tuesday. (A week of rain is in the forecast:) However, it will be the best days to clean up and do some fall gardening chores. Love clean-up with a soft drizzle:)

I too am now curious as to why Blue? It's such a tranquil color. I think they rate it as a "normal" color what ever that means. Rest assured though, those "guys" must know what they're doing!

LOVE the fall landscapes and your hidden box of Mallomars!

Thanks for sharing...


Susan, I am looking forward to the weather cooling off. We have a bit of a cooler thing here, but I love fall, too.

I wanted to drop by and thank you so very much for your sweet comments on my last post. They made me feel so much better, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness more than I can express. Thank you!

I'm trying to blog a little in between all that is going on here. I have missed everyone, and it's nice to see what's going on in your world.

Sending warm hugs your way...



My Little Home and Garden

Lovely photos, as always. I decorate a little bit for the fall, a season I love!
I enjoyed your musings on the colour blue.

Jill Harrison

lovely to see your welcome to autumn and the change of seasons. We are into spring here and I am enjoying the wildflowers, as you saw when you visited my blog. Thanks for stopping by to say hi, and have a wonderful weekend.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Oh yes, Fall is nearing us! Yippie! I seem to be so much more productive in the cooler weather.

That is interesting about the packaging. There has to be a psychological approach for the marketing.

:) Becky



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Jenna Ericson

First, I like your new place mats. They are new, right?
Second, I can not WAIT to get home so that I can go to the farmer's market before it closes up.

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