November 06, 2011


Jenna Ericson

Wow! Just $10 for those pictures is awesome, they're so colorful! They'd look great in the kitchen...


Great finds! Those are beautiful prints and a book for a buck - wow. The early bird does get the you-know-what!


You are such a lucky yard sale shopper, Susan! I honestly don't know much about restoration but I do think that sometimes a few "dings" make a piece more einteresting so I'd only polish up those frames and leave them "as is" :)

Love the photos of the hawk -- they are so majestic!


Have read The Greater Journey and like all of David McCullough's books well done. Have a wonderful week!


Wow, looks like you got some great buys at the yard sales! I thought of you a few weeks ago when I was in an antique shop in Somerville and came across a whole bunch of aluminum ware... :)


I like your cloche and the jars contained grains and other stuff. I remember that is what my grandma and mama did while I was young and then cans and tins came so the glass container diminish but not totally gone. Now it is back and I kind of like the jars comparing to the cans or plastic. Happy Monday, Susan!


My goodness! What great things you found at the yard sales. I think I'd leave the frames as they are.

Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads

Great finds! Old English makes a product called scratch cover that I've used successfully. It's much better than the stain markers.

ellen b

Hi Susan! You got some great bargains! I really love good ole jars. Fun to fill them up with things you use...


What fabulous bargains you found. Loved the cloche and the prints for $10 needed no thought! Sorry I can't help with advice about the frames. I'd be tempted to leave them as is.


Your finds are wonderful ~ love the glass jars! Aren't garage sales the best fun! You did real good :)


What a great find - and I'd just clean up the frames a little, as you suggested, but not too much. A little history is a good thing!

Pat@Back Porch Musings

Wonderful finds! Patina is good.:-) A tad bit of cleaning and the frames will be good to go.

Jill Harrison

looks like you have made some good buys!
Have a great week - and I hope your frame restoring goes well.


You never cease to amaze me with your finds! That blue book is a prize.

For your frames, I'd suggest you try Old English Scratch remover. You can buy it at most stores. Simply wipe it over the scratch or ding, wait a bit, then rub it off.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

susan ericson

Thanks Sally...that sounds perfect for the frames!!

Lavender Dreams

What great deals! I've read some of D. McCullough's books and they are epics...wonderful written! We just watched the John Adams dvds this past week! I'll put this book on my list! ♥

Wandering Thought

Fantastic deals, and I like the jars you've found.

Pat Langley

I like the prints, the frames don't bother me.


You scored at that garage sale!!! I would definitely try the Old English or Scott's Liquid Gold first. If it doesn't help, than I suggest a fine grade of sandpaper and lightly rough them up in places to give them a distressed look.


What a great lot of finds you discovered. It certainly was worth getting up early!


Wow - what great finds! I love that treasure hunt aspect of yard sales.


What a bargain on the pictures! Happy Blue Monday ;)


Great pictures.. I love yard sales and flea markets.. My blue today was a flea market find.. Have a great day!


What a fun post to view. I know you were tickled to death to get the prints for such a great price. Lucky you! The mosaic is nice, too. A really pretty post. genie


Delightful, thanks for sharing!

Late visiting from Blue Monday, hope you can come and see my entry, thanks!


the prints are a great find Susan and the price is right. Fine steel wool(0000) is a good idea and some wood cleaner would do the job.
Love the jars too. The book is terrific. I know you will enjoy it too.
I also love your pinks. I am behind on my pink Sat. visits. We just arrived home yesterday from being in FL for 9 days. It is so good to be home.
Happy thrifting.
XO Jeanne

Jane F @ Atticmag

The prints are treasures. I really do love those and the whole thing is a haul, for sure.
On the frames, I'd try going over them with some Restore-a-Finish applied with a squeezed out cloth. Fun to go along with you.


GREAT finds, Susan! I'd go by the way of Old English too before you do anything else. The stuff works wonders!!!

Thanks for sharing...

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