November 30, 2011


Liz @ A Dish Here, A Glass There

You have quite a collection and they are all really lovely! I've never been a steady tea drinker (more like a coffee drinker) but I do love the tea pots and flavored teas when I do enjoy one. It is fascinating that all throughout the world tea is enjoyed by so many!
I'm working up to the season slowly- I intend to enjoy it rather than race through it!


What a wonderful collection of tea pots. They are all so pretty and unique in their own way.


Hi Susan, WOW, what an amazing collection of tea pots. all so beautiful. It would be hard for me to even select a favorite. I have the Peter Rabbit pot, given to me by my sister. A special treasure for sure. Your husband has excellent taste. I have a very busy month too. I still have so much to do. I'll have full size pics of my tree a little later.
Have a lovely evening.

The French Hutch

dotsie (aka podso)

You have a nice collection. And you expressed well what a teapot means to many of us. I love to make a pot or at least a cup in the afternoon if I am home. It slows me down, provides comfort from the warmth of the steam, and, if it has caffeine, it gives me a little "get up
for the rest of the day!


I do hope you enjoyed a restful cup before the whirlwind begins! I love your herend piece.. wow that is stunning as is the rest of your collection.. xo marlis

Alycia Nichols

I can't stop looking at that Herend coffee pot. I think that's a Herend, right? There in the back of the 3rd picture? The shape of it is lovely! It reminds me of "I Dream of Jeannie"!!! :-) Your whole collection is just dreamy!!!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

I'm a tea lover any day of the week so your teapot and collection drew me right in. I hope you enjoyed some quiet time before the busy-ness of December bursts in.

Fabiola Alba

Your teapots are gorgeous and what a great hubby that brings you such items from far away lands! I came right away to see your lovely post as I adore teapots too! I specially love the tall one. Enjoy your tea while you can before the hollidays rush! Just dropped from TT at Susan's. Hugs, FABBY

Debs VintageSoul

A lovely collection and some very unusual pieces. Thank you for sharing.


I asbolutely refuse to drink tea ever...and I'm still drawn to teapots. What is it about them?


Susan~ What a wonderful collection of teapots you have! I have a hard time deciding my favorite of yours, maybe your sweet pansy one~ doubly sweet as a find at a yard sale! I'm drawn to teapots too, but I have to confess I'm more likely to use a bag and hot water from my Keurig rather than pour from a pot {blush} :)

C. Joy

I collected teapots and frogs for years - never saw a teapot like that. How fun. A cup of tea sounds like a wonderful idea.

Carol @There's Always Thyme to Cook

Beautiful collection! So sweet that your husband started it all for you :)

Ruth, Time Was Antiques

I posted Spode Christmas Tree too! And what a great teapot collection. I made those goose placemats myself in the 1970s. I love them! We must have a lot in common. Nice to meet you!


I did manage to have a quiet cup of tea last night as I too was contemplating the month ahead. It was lovely.

Your teapot collection is enchanting, Susan. Thank you so much for sharing...


What an amazing teapot collection!


Wow, Susan, you have a remarkable collection of beautiful tea pots!

I also love tea pots but do not have as many as you do...yet! :) My favorite is the Belleek Tea pot I purchased in Ireland. It was a big splurge for me but I already had four of the same pattern tea cups and saucers which were given to me as gifts over the years, so I wanted to complete the set.


Drinking tea is certainly a Zen thing--very calming. Your teapots are wonderful! You have some very unique ones, like the one with the little frog! Love the tales of how you came to own some of them, and definitely agree we need to sip some tea before the storm!

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