December 07, 2011


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Even if I could afford classes to supplement my workout regimen, I think I'd hold out for a teacher who treats me with respect and helps me feel good about myself.


I have very few things out. Just do not decorate as much anymore. Your green glassware is very pretty.


Susan, like you I somethings find things that I'd forgotten I'd packed away. Fun to find the "old friends" waiting in the packed away containers. I've not yet started to pull things out, but plan to begin this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing some "old friends".
Beautiful table. Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah


I agree with you that opening the boxes make it just wonderful - like opening Christmas early! Your plates are so fun and the rich colors make it wonderful.

We keep ours in the basement in plastic bins and I organize by where they go so everything goes up really fast.

I would love a hutch like that to display everything on. How fun to see the Christmas plates and other goodies displayed.

CJ Foss

Susan, I always look for your table and look for your unique story. I think we were separated at birth. I too have a collection of hammered aluminum that gets put away to make way for the Christmas decorations! Your thrift finds are wonderful additions to your table. We keep our Christmas decorations stored in the garage on top of a closet containing our washer/dryer and large freezer. It is always a challenge to bring them down, but once they are it is like getting together with old friends. Joyful celebration time! ~CJ


Nice post, Susan. Good pix as well.

Amazing all the people who view your blog from so many places!



I love your Christmas dishes. I have similar ones too. It's always fun to decorate for Christmas. So many cheerful colors.

Pat@Back Porch Musings

Your table and Christmas vignettes are beautiful!


Love your mini tangines.. they are perfect for butter... maybe even a sprig of greenery. Love the green of those dishes. xo marlis


Susan, you described the experience I had today! There is always a surprise, and the rest are full of memories. Those are very pretty green dishes, and your fresh holly is beautiful!

Creating Wonderful Spaces


Susan~ It is fun being reunited with your Christmas treasures! I know what you mean about not intending to get everything out and then one thing leads to another! Your little tagines are adorable!


What beautiful decorations. I love the greens!! Happy VTT

Cheryl F.

I keep all mine.. in the basement... under the bed, in the attic, in closets... etc..lol!! I do forget what I have until I open the boxes up !! Every year, it's such a treat to open them up and see what's inside!! You decorations are very pretty... Thank you for sharing them!!! oxoxo

Carol @There's Always Thyme to Cook

Pretty table setting! So festive. Love your Christmas dishes.


It all looks so nice! I love going thru all the boxes it's like .....Christmas Morn!!!
Really...it's the same things year after year, but it's like friends you haven't seen for a year and you have so much fun visiting while thry stay.


Good Homegoods find there! I love all of it and it's looking like you didn't even need a lot of my help decorating for Christmas... hahaha.

Love you!

Ruth Weston - Antiques And Teacups

How pretty! What a great table scape....and the rest of your home is lovely!

Granny Sue

Lovely! I really like those green bowls. And the green plates--wow!

I have nowhere to put anything in my house. It's a constant hassle to figure out storage. I am so jealous of those with basements, garages and attics :)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Love those green dishes! I keep all of my Cmas stuff boxed up in the basement, too, and it's always a surprise to open them up and see what's in them. :)

Jo Ann

Love your dishes! Thanks for sharing your lovely table,Joann

Alycia Nichols

Hi, Susan! You always come up with such great yard sale and thrift stores finds!!!!! You have a real eye for picking things out!


I love all the green, it is my favorite color!
Your home is very festive.

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