December 29, 2011



Thank you for stopping by. My sister works in a bakery now and I wish that we were closer to one to pick up a treat weekly. My husband makes wonderful pies and cutout cookies and I make the cakes and the rest of the sweets. We were both lucky to come from families of bakers.

Brenda Kula-Pruitt

Wow! That must have been fun. I would have loved being the kid of a baker!

Carol @There's Always Thyme to Cook

What a terrific picture of you and your siblings, so cute! Great memories, too. I have that same memory of the lady behind the counter giving me a butter cookie with a cherry on it while we waited. We went every Sunday morning with my dad for fresh rye and pumpernickel. Great post, you brought back a flood of memories for me.


This deli brat finds the thoughts of growing up in a bakery very romantic! While you had chocolate under you nails I had bologna:@) Wishing you all the best in 2012 Susan-enjoy!


I love your bakery stories :-> I'm going to have my girls make the cookies, they sound delicious! I will eat anything with coconut in it.
xo, suzy

Priscilla Bahr

y mother and Grandma were excellent bakers, so cakes, cookies, strudels,rolls were seldom bought when I was growing-up. I really miss the beautiful bakery of my youth. I try to keep some of those traditions like cookie baking.My patience with making extra-fancy cookies is lacking though. Mom always sent me a Christmas packager of her beautiful, delicious cookies and all my friends would wait for them to arrive to SAVOR their goodness.


Thanks for sharing these sweet memories, Susan. I had to chuckle. Each of my children have different recollections of their childhood when they too were in the same place, doing the same thing at the same time. Happy New Year! Your cookies sound delicious!!!

Brian E.

I ate so many cookies yesterday, I felt so sick.

I regret nothing.

Francie Thornton

thanks for sharing your memories...my mother used to make cookies only at Christmas.
Wishing you a blessed New Year.


What wonderful memories. And so many delicious cookies.




Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comment :)

Happy New Year!

Greetings from Australia♥


What wonderful memories you have, Susan. I love the photo of you and your siblings wearing your baking hats :)

You daughter looks like a wonderful baker.

I learned to bake very young as I loved cookies and cake (still do) and my Mom was not too interested in baking them. I asked my friends mothers for their recipes and made my own. I still use many of the same recipes!

A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family!


Love the black and white picture! Cookies meant Saturday baking day and love! I think all of my kids learned to bake cookies at a young age. My favorite memory is coming in on a summer Sunday after we had gone outside and I could smell delicious cookies baking. My oldest son had tried his hand at cookies. We were so excited, took one bite and ran to the sink to spit them out. He had used 1/4 C. salt instead of 1/4 tsp. We still laugh about that. This was so fun reading your post. It just floods my mind with memories! Have a wonderful New Year.

Mrs. Magpie

Susan, this sounds like a dream! I think I would have been in Heaven in a bakery as a kid, particularly with cookies. Is there anything better than a warm chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie straight out of the oven?

Loved reading this.

I have finally gotten my computer up and running, and I am like a kid in a candy store myself. LOL! Wanted to drop by and wish yuou a very Happy New Year. May you be blessed abundantly throughout the coming year and always.


Sheila :-)


Yummy cookies!

My PINK, please come and see. Have a happy new year!

Jenna Ericson

I will definitely credit my love of baking (especially cookies) to your great teachings!

Sometimes I certainly do wonder if it could just be genetically wired into me, though? Who knows!

Love the post and love you mommy!

Pat Petrovich

Great memories and fun blog. I copied the cookie recipe and will try these.... yummy!


Happy Pink Saturday and best wishes for a very happy New Year. Thank you for making Pink Saturday special. I count you among my blessings.

Susan, your post gave me many smiles. I love that you baked, and now your children love to bake.

My son, grandson and I did a little baking for Christmas. We had a great time together, and we made memories.

In fact, I would love a nice, warm and chewy cookie right now.

laura @ the shorehouse

I've always loved this photo since I first saw it, but this blog post is the total sugar on the cookie! :-) I love how you've told this story...right down to the chocolate under your nails. (I worked in an Italian bakery in high school...so I've been there, too!)


What a wonderful post! I loved the stories and the photos! :)

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