January 27, 2012



Hi Susan, Mild here today, like A/C temps. Loving your pretties today, and yes let's go buy tulips and daffodils………Happy Pink Saturday.

The French Hutch


I feel the same way. It's been unusually mild here, too, for January (northern Ohio.) Like you, I keep waiting for the "other shoe to drop!" Love your photos. Go for the tulips! I just saw some in the grocery store today - wish I'd bought some!
I'm your newest follower!
Hugs, Cindy

Tinas Picstory

nice shots! i love the kitty in pink :)

Ms. Burrito

Your kitty is so pretty!


I love the collection of silver vases. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Marti


In Texas, we never know what to expect by the weather. Some of the plants are blooming much too soon.

Grace P

It is very warm in NY and also am waititng for the "big" one! lol Last Saturday it snowed and was pretty could not go out but Sunday was fine. Unfortunately I needed Fabric and the store was closed on SUnday...Oh well I guess seize the moment as it is warm do lots of things and then when the snow finally comes we can rest and relax.....and shovel. lol Happy Pink SAturday. Grace


Our winter has been so mild it is almost no winter at all. Knock wood! We get snow and I think the most we have had on the ground is around 3". It is gone by the next day. We have only had the shovel out twice so the Postlady will not slip and while the snowblower is all gassed and ready, we have not used it.
It is very dark and gray with low clouds, though and I just want to stay snuggled deep in bed. This weather makes a slug out of me...
Jil ♥

Brenda Kula-Pruitt

I'm not accustomed to such long gray days. I need me some sunshine. Cold, windy Okie days.

Carol @There's Always Thyme to Cook

Very warm, my herbs are surviving somewhat, little bits of green among the dreary parts. I love the last series, pretty pink! Tulips are such a nice pick me up, go for it :)


Well...if it makes you feel better...I hope it snows! But please try to relax and enjoy!


Hi Susan ~ I know what you mean. We're also in the 40's and 50's (as the high for the day) but like you I can't help but think the snow is coming. Last year we started (after a couple of storms in November) in February and were still going strong into May with snow still heavy on the ground in June. As our growing season is short anyway, we had almost nothing last year. But, who knows and Pink tulips are my favorite whether from the yard or the grocery store. Love your beautiful vases and kitty with the "pink" eyes. Thanks for sharing and HPS to you...


Hi! I'm a teacher, so I keep hoping for snow! But, my husband works outside, so I am thankful for the warm winter for him.


laura @ the shorehouse

As you saw on the faceplace, my crocus have bloomed!! This is just nutty, I tell you. And I can't help but think...a nasty hot summer lurks ahead (let's definitely hope I'm wrong there!).

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Very warm, my herbs are surviving somewhat, little bits of green among the dreary parts. I love the last series, pretty pink! Tulips are such a nice pick me up, go for it!

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