January 29, 2012


laura @ the shorehouse

The closet wall looks amazing! And I just looked back and saw you got the doors for a song...yay, Susan! (I'd expect nothing less from my yard saling friend. :-)

Some day I'll post pics of my attic reno. Some day, lol.


I love your stained glass, it does look beautiful with the sun shining on it. Your kitty looks nice and comfy. Great photos. I wish you a great week ahead.


I'm still jealous of all your closet space, Susan...lol! I can't wait to see the finished room.
Your Pixie is a beauty! Black cats are so smart. My cat alsop loves to sit wherever a sunbeam lands.



Your stained glass is beautiful! Your cat is beautiful too. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Lavender Dreams

You do have a gorgeous cat and a lot of great closet space! The stained glass is beautiful in the sun! WOW! Happy Monday! ♥

Carol @There's Always Thyme to Cook

I love your stained glass! Did you make that? I have a friend who's an artist and she does work like that. I love the look, pretty colors, too, especially with the sun shining through.


What a beautiful cat! I love this post! Wishing you lots of sunshine days this week!!! Cathy

A Garden of Threads

I would love some of your sunshine since I have not seen it in weeks:( Hope you have a wonderful week and good luck with the painting.

Lavender Cottage

The sun shining through your stained glass is so pretty. I'm sure your kitty enjoys the warmth of the sun where she's relaxing.


Your closet is coming right along. I love stained glass and glass windows and your kitties! Lovely!

dotsie (aka podso)

I too love especially the morning light coming in to our house. Better than the setting sun and maybe it's because in the morning the day is fresh and new with expectation and anticipation of what will unfold. Beautiful pictures and I'm sure your room is going to look wonderful!


Beautiful, I really like the first grouping with the stained glass window, so pretty. Thanks for sharing...

Jenna Ericson

Hooray!! I'm bummed that I didn't get to help you guys paint at all... maybe if there's anything left by the time I get home! I love seeing Pixie on here, too. Her green eyes are huge and lovely as usual. I miss smothering my kitty with love!
Hope you had a good weekend mommy!
Love Jenna

Porch Days

Those are lovely green eyes! Yes, redecorating is exciting.


I love it when the sun streams through in the morning, but that Stained Glass must really look spectacular. Your mosaics are lovely. Your room should look lovely in that shade of blue.


I love that stained glass! Great choice for wall color. Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan.


It's great to be there at the "right time" for a stained glass moment. I've got a bit of stained glass in my post, looking forward to seeing it cleaned up. Best wishes.

Nancy Reinke

Beautiful stained class. I think your closet space is bigger than my house. LOL. Have a great day.

Jane F @ Atticmag

Great light and amazing closet space. Both are always so desirable. My living room is blue as well -- look forward to seeing yours.


I love those first rays of sunshine... So nice on a cold winter day!

Jann Olson

Oh how I love sunshine! Gorgeous shining through your stained glass window. Now tell the truth, I think you took Pixie along to pick that coffe/table ottoman. lol!
Either way, it's awfully cute. I don't blame her for basking in the sun. I'd be tempted to throw on my bathing suit and do the same. Now that's a scary thought. lol!

Regina, PHL

Absolutely gorgeous!
Have a nice week Susan.




Wow that looks great. Blue is sure a popular color for decorating as I am finding as I visit MM today. We have never had an indoor pet but I like your decorating idea.


It's going to look so good, and be so functional!
I love the sun glinting through the stained glass. Beautiful!


Beautiful captures!

My Blue Monday.


Somedays I would like to be like a cat and lie around in the sunbeams. Any sunbeams I get usually show up the dust I haven't got to. V

Leah H.

Beautiful cat, beautiful photos..

Visiting for BM! Hope you can stop by:)



The beaming sun is such a welcome sign in the morning especially as it reflects through that stained glass. Oh so soothing and vibrant at the same time.

Those closets are amazing, Susan and the color sounds just perfect!

Thank you so much for sharing...


Wow Susan you have many closets that is awesome!! Love it!

Yellow & Blue

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

What a beautiful way to receive the sun's rays!

Lucky you with all that closet space! I'm jealous.

Sue in Atlanta

I love when sun shines through a piece of stained glass....it's beautiful...and such a pretty cat...glad your enjoying the nice weather your having....

Jessica Cassidy

beautiful windows and what a pretty black :-)
Visiting from Blue Monday, hope that you can return the visit too.

LindyLouMac in Italy

Late visiting as I am still catching up, but love the stained glass.

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