January 22, 2012



Love the pretty flowers, going to the nursery would cheer me up. I love the clover, it is beautiful. Lovely photos.

ellen b

I'm glad to find someone who is just as happy as me to see the snow come and go away just as fast. Love seeing these non snowy photos! Hip Hip Hooray for your renovation and it's progress!


I love walking through green houses and making a wish list! It was fun to walk with you! The renovation is looking good!


What a great idea you have to walk through a greenhouse for a little inspiration.

Your renovation is looking good!


I like that four leaf clover. And yes spring is not that far and I am excited to see color ^_^.

The Vest

Carol @There's Always Thyme to Cook

I love the snow, but today it became icy and slushy and not so pretty so your flowers are such a beautiful and welcome sight. The closets look awesome, you have lots of storage space!

Lavender Cottage

I have 3 types of oxalis in a pot in my kitchen but I've never seen the one shown here. An inspiring visit with you through the greenhouse.

Jann Olson

Oh how I enjoyed the tour of the greenhouse. I love the look of freshly fallen snow, but my mind has been on Spring this weekend also. Good luck on your remodeling. Can't wait to see the results. Yes, the stop sign at the end of the road is too funny!

My Little Home and Garden

Yup, you sound like you've had enough winter. Then again, without lawns to mow and gardens to weed you'll have more time to paint your fabulous reno!


Those closet doors look wonderful, Susan! I am envious of all your closet space.

The garden center you visited looked so pretty --the frog planter made me smile :)


I love the damp, 'green' smell of a nursery at this time of year. I imagined I could smell that scent as I looked at your photos.

Porch Days

Thanks for the tour of plants. I just keep tending my house plants when the snow falls.

Shirley LeMay

I love green and spring flowers this time of year - a great way to cure the winter blues. Beautiful photos!


Good morning Susan, I can't believe my cousin Bob is not up yet. With him here, I have little time to myself.

Your post made me smile today. We haven't had snow to talk about but it is winter dreary here to say the least. I LOVE you photos of flowers and lovely plants. I am fascinated by the Oxalis. I want some. Smile. You live in a beautiful area.

Have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Jeanne


I forgot to mention that your renovation looks awesome. I guess I need to visit more to see what you are doing. Big smile here.
Me again

Pat@Back Porch Musings

I love the Oxalis! Beautiful photos and mosaic.

Ms. Burrito

Lovely photos!

My BLUE, have a nice day!


There's nothing like a stroll through a greenhouse to brighten a winter day!


I know how exciting it is to watch home improvements. Happy Blue Monday!


Love the plants in the nursery. When I am in the supermarket there are lovely displays of flowers and now the pots of tulips, hyacinth and daffodils are coming in. I love the fragrance. V


Beautiful images! I haven't started planning our spring garden yet, but you have me in the mood to drag out the seed catalogs. Thanks for sharing.

Iris aka Boo-bah

Never living where it snows, I think I would love snowy Winters. The plants were beautiful and I loved that meditating frog.

Leah H.

Beautiful blues especially those cute pots:)

Visiting for Blue Monday! Here's mine-hope you can stop by:)


Pat Dumas

hey susie! nice blog, as always. I see Barnacle Bills landscape too!
Patty Dumas

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