January 08, 2012


Martha Ellen

I have Bennington Pottery dishes also and use them everyday. They are lovely--so homey and like you said made in America! Good luck with all your projects you have in store for the new year.
Martha Ellen


I love the idea of a wall of closets! The wall color sounds fabulous trimmed out in white. My entire house is a creamy yellow with white trim, except for the den and powder room. Oh, I do have two bedrooms a linen white. I love that you changed out your trays for your pottery, looks fab too. You've inspired me Susan, I need to make a few changes too……..

The French Hutch

Lavender Dreams

The book you just finished sounds like one I would like! And I'm excited about the new year, too! It feels like anything is possible! ♥


Well you're off to a roaring start!
I love blue and don't think a room is complete without it. Your wall of doors - well, it sounds marvelous and I look forward to seeing the finished room.
Good luck!

Shirley LeMay

Amazing how it seems like spring in the US now, I'm not complaining! I think your yard sale finds were great - I love that Martha Stewart book.
Love all your plans for this year.

shirley from www.shirleybehindthelens.com


Sarah Richardson has inspired a lot of my decorating. And blue is everywhere in my home - I'm really loving a pale grey with blue undertones these days. Your wall of closets will be gorgeous!

You're starting the year out with a bang!


I thought I left a comment, but it has gone missing. Great finds and I love the color you have chosen. Blue is my favorite color. I'm sure you will be busy with all the changes. Great post, have a wonderful week!

ellen b

Looks like you have as many projects as we do! You really have had some unseasonable weather. Garage sale in January? Enjoy getting things done and re done!

Carol @There's Always Thyme to Cook

Some nice days for yard sales, it's been warm. You got some terrific things! Love your cookbook collection, I have a lot of those same books. The book looks like a good read!


Wow how industrious. Things are looking great there. I love the look of the food especially since I have not had breakfast yet. Blessings


I know it's kind of interesting in the middle o winter we are experiencing good sunny weather. Some of my friends found flower and vegetable popping in their backyard. I can't wait for garage sales or yard sales pop out this spring too hehe. ^_^


Mary, MI

Hi Susan I am back from my other blog. I notice your pottery and also the cook books,I was cleaning the other day I can't imagine I have many cookbooks ^_^ Start to get swinging in the kitchen ^_^



I have a wall of closets in a room that I call "My Holiday Room." I store all of my decorating goodies there. Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan.


I am such a big fan of Sarah Richardson. She cannot put a foot wrong in home decoration. I think your new blue room will be lovely. Hope you will show us when it is done. V


Looking great! Neat collection you have there. :)

Leah H.

Beautiful blues:)

Visiting for Blue Monday!

Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)



Good Morning Susan, Hope you are able to accomplish everything you hope to this New Year! Being able to already enjoy a yard sale is definitely a happy thought, is that where you acquired those wonderful jars on the sideboard? There are so many wonderful shades of blue out there... perhaps you should add painting a wall blue to your to do list ;)! Have a wonderful day!


Your wall closets are such a divine solution, Black eyed Susan!
I did read the Cookbook collector. It was a good book. And now I realize you collect cookbooks. Do you have a certain criteria?

I'm glad it has been worm, yet it concerns me at the same time for our planet.


Jane F @ Atticmag

I'm with you all the way Susan -- on settling the house, switching up the vignettes, we also have doors I love (similar story of salvage bargain -- go for it!) and the weight loss too, Uh huh.

As for cookbooks, I'm down to basics on those and take recipes I need off the 'net -- easier and less to store though I still cling to my faves.

Re Antiques Roadshow, all I can say is 'show me the $$' -- they don't buy things, alas.

Thanks for stopping by! Jane

Porch Days

You have a lot going on at your house. I'm interested to see that wall of doors. Storage space is always good. Keeps the house neater!

Jenna Ericson

It's going to get done this year!! It's going to look fabulous, too.

Love Jenna

Cheryl Fig

Hi Susan!! Happy New Year!! WOW! You definitely have the redecorating bug! I have always asked the same question!! HMMMMM!! How many rooms can I paint/decorate the same color!!! I am red person and find that it keeps popping up everywhere!! I can not wait to see your vision come to life in the bedroom!! It's gonna look beautiful!!
Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday!!
oh! That cookbook looks like trouble! hheheehee!!!


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