February 12, 2012



So, my room didnt make the cut eh?

Jessie @A Cozy Cottage in the City

Hi Susan,

I love your collection of baskets and how well you have utilized them for storage & decor. I'm still on the lookout for the perfect baskets as we just moved into our home last summer (fixer upper). Thanks for the inspiration! :) Thank you also for your comment and visit to my page - it is greatly appreciated. Take care and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Lavender Dreams

I love your mosaics showing just the variety of basket weaves! You would feel right at home here...I have baskets everywhere! I love a beautiful hand made basket....ahhh! ♥


Wonderful collection of baskets. I love to have them around the house for holding just about anything. Great post. Happy Valentines and I hope you have a lovely week!


What wonderful textures you have combined in all your mosaics! Well done! Have a grand week!! Cathy

And, no I don't think you can have too many baskets!

Carol @There's Always Thyme to Cook

Great idea for a mosaic, Susan, I love the textures of the baskets! Lovely collection, I love the baskets. I have some in my kitchen, filled with magazines and cookbooks and kitchen utensils. Have a great week.

dotsie (aka podso)

Great mosaic. Baskets are nice as they are so pretty but also so useful! And also they can hide things! :0


Oh yes, we have baskets for newspapers, for recyclables, for keeping things neat in the pantry and in the linen closet... And I'm on the lookout for a big basket for logs next to the fireplace... :). xoxo

Pamela Gordon

You have a great basket collection. May I ask what a Scottish broom basket is? Pamela


I love baskets ... how they look, feel and smell! You have a wonderful collection!

A Garden of Threads

You have a wonderful collection of baskets. I have baskets in almost every room in my house.

susan ericson

Mary, When you have time check home goods. They had some terrific big baskets!

susan ericson

Pam, There is a long whispy plant called Scottish broom. The fronds are woven into the basket.

My Little Home and Garden

Susan, I use baskets for yarn, mail, reading material and whatever else needs corralling! Even so, I don't have near the number that you do. It's a great idea to feature them in collages! Thanks for your nice comment on nature mosaics.


Nice images with your textures of baskets. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog and leaving a kind message.


I love baskets and use them to organize so many things. I'm trying to stay away from plastic as much as possible and I find that baskets can easily take their place.
I particularly love the big serving basket - looks like a perfect way to have a light meal in front of a fire.

ellen b

Great basket mosaics. I can be a sucker for baskets. Your collection and what you use them for are fun to see. We still don't have a HomeGoods here in Washington...ugh!


I want a French artillery basket! That's gorgeous! I need it!

And no, you cannot have too many baskets!


The way you use your basket collection you make organization an art form.

Jeanine Okio B Designs

You have such a wonderful basket collection! I find I can never leave a garage sale or Goodwill without getting at least one basket!



I love baskets too; they help me stay organized.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan. Be sure to check out my book giveaway.


I agree. Baskets are a wonderful way of keeping things in one place and looking good too. V


No doubt, you are the basket lady. You are using them very nicely.

Carolee Clark

LOVE baskets, and yours are wonderful, and so useful! :)

Jenna Ericson

I think that my favorite is the basket for parties that gets filled with cheeses and desserts!
Mostly because I absolutely looove both cheese and dessert.
Whenever I pass that little antique store on the way to/from school and see the baskets on the porch, I always think of stopping there with you, too.
Great post, there's no such thing as too many baskets! They are infinitely useful.
Love you mommy!


Hi Susan, I do admire your basket loving nature. I too love baskets for the same reasons. Though I admit, have only a few and the mosaic look is not an option. I love the neat way they look even though they may be cluttered inside. Speaking about mine not yours. HA!

Take care, Hugs, Jeanne


What a great post about baskets. I have a house full of baskets too. Love them, couldn't do without them. They keep things tidy
Lovely mosaics.

sandi @the whistlestop cafe

That is quite the collection!
Happy Blue Monday~


wow...you do have a lot of baskets.
I use them, too, for lots of different things.
I buy most of mine at the thrift store...baskets can be very expensive.
Yours look great


I am a big basket hoarder...lol My favs are
longaberger. :)


You certainly do have a lot of lovely baskets!

Ms. Burrito

Beautiful selection!

Please come and see my BLUE Adventure entry. Happy Valentine's Day!

Affordable Insurance

I love your collection of baskets and how well you have utilized them for storage & decor. I'm still on the lookout for the perfect baskets as we just moved into our home last summer (fixer upper). Thanks for the inspiration!


As usual, a great post about something that I wouldn't ordinarily think about. I also think your basket photo mosaic is terrific.
I was going to ask you what kind of basket that was that held the wrapping paper. I could use that for the rulers and t-square I have in my little art room! Perfect size and shape. My room is so chock full, but I do believe that it would fit right in! Where did you find something it?? Did you say? I have to go back to the post now to re-read!


oops- sorry- I was asking where the French Artillary basket could be found- I just realized I have a typo in my first comment~

susan ericson

Hi Jenny, The artillery basket came from Shutters, many years ago. I used to keep pussy willows in it.


I love baskets, too. Sometimes a little too much, I think!

Jill Harrison

obviously one can never have too many baskets. They have so many uses. My favourite was once my grandmother's sewing basket.
Thank you for stopping by my blog to say hi and have a wonderful week.


Beautiful collection, black eyed Susan!! It is interesting and makes sense how they work well together. That is how Mother nature is!
A bouquet of different flowers
A group of trees and shrubs.
Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!!


Sallie (FullTime-Life)

The basket pattern mosaic was just wonderful! And the pic-story of how you use them was so much fun to read. You have a lovely home!

Jessica Cassidy

what a basket collection you have :-) Visiting from Blue Monday, hope that you can return the visit too.

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