February 19, 2012



Great post, Susan! The plates are pretty, I wonder if they will all show up on Ebay? The bird book looks very interesting and you are right. The photo would look lovely framed. I hope you have a great week ahead.

Carol @There's Always Thyme to Cook

Pretty birds. The cookbooks look fun, especially if you like Swedish meatballs :) My house will tell people that someone very eclectic and not so formal lives here!

Lavender Dreams

I love finding old cookbooks and the bird book is exquisite! ♥

Lavender Cottage

Great find with the cookbooks. The repetition of recipes makes me think of church cookbooks I have with so many different ways to make a certain dish.
The bird illustrations are lovely.


Great post. I love old cookbooks. And 13 recipes for Danish meatballs! Wow!

My Little Home and Garden

"Meatball Monday", there's an idea! Funny.
I think everyone's house tells something about them, or should. I know my house speaks to me.


If there's ever a Meatball Monday a whole lot of us will be visiting you for help!
My house might look a lot like the one you visited. The dining room is ringed with B&G plates all the way around, above a plate rail. There are Danish cookbooks in the kitchen book case and lots of bits and pieces of Danish pottery and art throughout.

ellen b

I have many of the B&G Christmas plates but no where to display them in this house we are in now. I stopped collecting them years ago. I do have the Mother's Day plates up because I only have 4 of those and those foxes and bunnies are two of them. TMI? I enjoyed your mosaics and maybe I'll reconsider where I might be able to display those Christmas plates.

Jann Olson

Ha-ha, I'm sure my house is saying, "Lady, you have way too much stuff" Some people I know says that it makes them sad to go in and buy things that someone once treasured. I say, when I'm gone let them come. If they love it as much as I did, great! I love the bird book. The photos are so pretty. I have seen plates like that before, but did not know the name.


How interesting that you found so many wonderful cookbooks from your husband's heritage at this estate sale, Susan! The book about birds looked very beautiful and I do think those pages would look lovely framed.

My house would say I am a book and magazine reader, a collector of many little things and definitely in love with my children and grandchildren as I have so many photos of them on display :)


Your Audubon book is beautiful! I'd be tempted to frame those gorgeous illustrations!


I love Blue & White plates. As a matter of fact, I hung a display of them over the doors leading to the lanai. We have 12' ceiling in the house - so the plates really draw the eye up. I use plates as decor all over the house.


Love old cookbooks...I always collect them. Great blue plates also a passion for collecting.

Happy Blue Monday!!!!



What a great post. I love those cookbooks and you did well buying some.


Oh what an interesting read this a.m., thanks for sharing.


hhaaahaaa...we sure know where to come if we wanna make a meatball, hu?
I love estate sales but sometimes, they make me a little sad. :(
I went to one once that had a LOT of handmade quilts...either she made them or collected them and I thought it sad that no one in the family wanted them.
xo bj


I love those blue plates, although I've never heard of them before.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan. Be sure to check out my book giveaway.


Someones treasures being scattered throughout the country.


Sounds like a wonderful sale, Susan. Those plates are gorgeous.


Well - I can say that I was quite surprised to read Swedish in your first picture! And "Mors dag" means Mother's Day - so they are not Christmas plates.

The plates in the second picture are Danish, though. You can find loads of these plates over here, as you can imagine.

But the bird's book is great - I'd lika to have that one! All the birds are the same as those I feed outside my door! The big one at the end is my favorite, but it's shy.

Great post!

john mcelveen

Great Dane in the Morning--sorry for the bad pun--but the post is Awesome!!!




I would have picked up the book on birds. The pictures are devine. V


Wow that was a jackpot. My house says I have a lot of children and they are always bringing me something. Too many doodads I say. I like those plates would make a beautiful display.


I so love those blue plates. Our house speaks Filipino and American ^_^ more so when you open the pantry, cabinet or refrigerator ^_^ We have two different condiments Asian and American hehehe.

Blue Sky


I love Estate Sales! So much fun to find treasures! Great finds!
XO Cindy


Looks like quite a nice estate sale. Love those plates and bird prints. Have a great week!

Jill Harrison

It sounds and looks like it was a very interesting place to wander through. Yes, our homes reflect ourselves. Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for stopping by my blog to say hi.

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Our small space doesn't have room for much "stuff" so I don't go to sales like this very often -- but I really loved this post. That bird book would really have tempted me. I wonder what they were asking for it.

I'm laughing about all those meatball recipes -- I can imagine the cookbook committee chairwoman not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings so including them all!


I'm green with envy, Susan. Yes, yes, the plates are striking, however, those cookbooks are a treasure trove of goodness. I can't wait until auction season begins.

Thank you so much for sharing...


I just bought a book, Drawings of the French Masters at a thrift store. My plan was to use the pages for pictures or projects. {{Sigh}} so difficult to actually do that. I'm working up the courage. Great finds. Cookbooks are my fave for the same reason. I believe I would have liked her, too.

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