February 24, 2012


Kelee Katillac

Hi Susan!

Love your post, --the bowls and costumes. I too love seashell pink...just did my DNR in it! Will share soon....

Thanks for the exam reminder too... so important!


love, kelee katillac


It was so great to read your post on Beverly's Pink Saturday!! I learned to sew at the age of 9 or 10....using a treadle machine! I took sewing for 4 yrs in HS and all though my 4H days. It has given me a lot of joy and rewards.

I love your special touches of pink in your cape and your girl's blue cat costume! :) I also have a set of pink pyrex mixing bowls that belonged to my mother...and I use them.

HPS!!!! dana


Hi Susan!
Congratulations on being our featured PINK blog this week! Happy Pink Saturday, too!
How cute your daughter was as a blue cat! She looks so cozy in that costume! I think you are right about pink...it is a great accent color against so many colors!

Lots of pretty pinks, but those Iris are simply to die for!
Hugs to you!
♥ Jil


Hi Susan, I enjoyed your post so much today. I too learned to sew when I was about 11. My mother made me hem dishtowels to learn how to sew straight on a sewing machine. I sewed for my girls right up to their prom dresses. I sewed what I wore too. I still like to sew but now it is mostly quilts.

The touches of pink in the blue cat costume and more, is the image of a true Pinkie. Your daughter is a very pretty little thing. I bet she is lovely all grown up too. Smile.

I read down a few posts. I love making corned beef and eating it too. The bird prints are beautiful. I am a big bird lover. I collect them. Our bird feeder was attacked by a bear so I am saddened to not feed the birds anymore. This bear came up 20 feet of steps on our deck a wreaked havoc. Mountain living is not for the timid. HA!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Jeanne

Francie Thornton

argh ... our home ec "teacher" was more interested in the teacher in the next room and she didn't show us much of anything. Sounds like you had the same gal. But I can see by the adorable kitty you really have done well since then.
Happy PS !


LOVE the pyrex bowls!! Your kitty costume is too cute as well!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook

I took the home ec thing, too, and had to be seam ripped from the sewing machine. I never gained the enthusiasm that you did but I loved the cooking part! Your daughter was adorable as a little cat, great costume! Have a great weekend.


Your story about sewing is amazing! How I wish I could sew like that. I sew just enough to be dangerous with fabric! LOL


It is an honor being featured on Pink Saturday. I was fortunate to have that blessing as well. Glad you did today as I truly enjoyed your post. I took economics in school, but sewing was not my thing. I was better in cooking.

john mcelveen

LOVIN me some PINK on here today!!

Great post--made me smile!



Happy Pink Saturday - love the post. I too learned to sew in 7th grade and while I'm still not fabulous at it I do enjoy it! Happy Pink Saturday!


Hi Susan Sweetie...
An exquisite post today. I love your stories and your pink shares. I can just see you sewing away that beautiful cape. I know it was gorgeous and quite a conversation piece when you were finished. Capes were very popular back in the 70's.

Your daughters costume is priceless and so is her little face. Aren't memories the best?

I love seeing your gorgeous Iris. They brought a tear to my eye. Momma always has them in her garden come Spring. I really miss seeing the glorious colors and assortments of blooms. Thank you for that beautiful pink share.

Outstanding share today sweet friend. Have a glorious weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Pam Snow

I learned to sew before I went to elementary school. My wonderful Mother taught me. I then started sewing in 4-H, took Home Ec in high school, and then became one of those "Home Ec" teachers. I hope my students have fond memories of all the great times we had in Clothing class and not bad memories. I now do mostly quilts but occasionally sew for my two lovely granddaughters.
Thanks for sharing your story. I love the costume.


I love the kitty costume w/ the hot pink lining! I wish I can have one myself. I never had any Halloween costume.

It's my first time here in your blog and found lots of great stuff. Following you now. :)

I am a medical physicist who inspects mammography equipment used for detection of breast cancer -- that's why I can understand why pink means a lot for you as it is for me, too!

Grace P

Happy Pink SAturday! How fun that you are the Feature, COngratulations. A blue Kitty is so stinking cute!! What a fun imaginative idea. I love that you lined it with PINK! lol Enjoy your weekend. Grace xoox


Beautiful photography! Congrats on the feature too. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Diane (I am #21)


Another fabulous pink I've seen. Love it! Your daughter is so adorable in that costume.

The Pianist in Pink, have a great weekend!


Great post with lovely pinks. Thx for sharing



michele s

such wonderful pink things you've shared! happy pink saturday and congratulations on being the featured blog at beverly's! i love your sewing and all your treasures. much love to you. xo


Your PINK is very pretty!
thanks for sharing...and HAppy PINk SatURday!

ciao bella.
Creative Carmelina

Susan Freeman

Such a sweet post! Happy Pink Saturday!!

Susan and Bentley


Happy Pink Saturday, Susan. I hope you enjoyed being the featured participant this week. I know everyone loved all that you shared - including me.

My mammogram is scheduled for this Wednesday.

Jenny's Heart

I can say Pink has brought me much happiness and smiles :)
The kitty costume and your daughter are just adorable!
Have a great day!

Jenna Ericson

Aww, Karissa was so cute...
And yum on the pink champagne!

I remember loving pink as a kid, then resisting pink like it was an unwarranted arrest, and then finally falling in love with it all over again.

Wonderful post mommy!
Love, Jenna.


My mother was a seamstress and she tried like heck to teach me to sew. For some reason it just never stuck! Oh how I wish it did. GREAT post, Susan...

Thanks for sharing...

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