March 11, 2012


Pat@Back Porch Musings

You have a beautiful collection of extra special books, Susan.

When we arrived home from bringing J home from hospital, our neighbor brought over our mail and homemade chicken soup. Wonderful!


Books are treasures. In this day of instant communication and EReaders it's easy to forget that a book is a wonderful thing. I can't part with my vintage books - the ones that meant so much to me when I was a girl.


Wonderful post, Susan! I am also a book lover and have books in almost every room. I feel like Thomas Jefferson who said: "I can not love without books!"


I love reading too and it is wonderful that you have these specials books with lovely memories. Your Mom was a special person and you know they always say Mom's know best. Great post, have a wonderful week!


You have a loving Mother, you are so blessed and you are a loving mother! What wonderful books, you will so happy you saved them when your children and grandchildren (when you have them). I saved my son's books and his three year old grandson has them now. Lovely post!

The French Hutch

dotsie (aka podso)

Mothers are pretty smart, we know that. The older we get, the more we understand and value what they have told us. I love all your old books!

Lavender Cottage

Mothers seem to know all and once you get there yourself, it all comes together.
Even with my new EReader, I'll always keep my favourite books that are in the bookcase.


I love books too. I have all my favorites from my childhood, that my own kids read as well. Now I'm on to instilling a love of reading to my grandsons! ::Jill

heather @ new house, new home, new life.

How wonderful. This is a beautiful collection you've created. When you have grandchildren, just think of the hours you'll spend reading with them.

Lavender Dreams

Books bring back so many memories and I love surrounding myself with them...new and old! I collect children's books and recognize some of yours. And Anne girl....she is my favorite! ♥♥♥

Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook

Wonderful post, Susan! My mom instilled the love of reading in me, too, but lately I haven't been reading. Terrific collection, I do see some of my favorites on your shelf, Shel Silverstein. Used to read those to my kids.

Mary Howell Cromer

Reading, such a wonderful thing! I was so pleased to pass along my love of reading to at least one of my 3 daughters. She can read a book a day and teaches middle school and part time at the university. Having your momma still with you, what a blessing, for I still miss mine~

Ingmarie We/Refugium

Such lovely photos and mosaics! I was very glad to see the part about Linnea! The authour is from Sweden. And Linnea has also visited Monet's garden in Giverny..... A very charming book. Hope you'll have a fine week.


I stumbled upon your blog this morning....(isn't that the best part of this blogging world?)
Our family has, as well, many books and book shelves throughout the house. Our grown children have their favorite childhood books which are being passed down to their kids. Fortunately, we have been able to find duplicates via ebay and amazon so they can each have copies to share with their families...
Have a wonderful day :)


Aw, you have a good mother, Susan, and you are fortunate. Thanks for sharing these blues.

Happy Blue Monday.


Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

I love this post. I am a treasurer to our books, too. I always love revisiting old friends.

Nancy Reinke

I love old books and yours are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

lori lucas

Ahh. I too have that first set of books you do. Aren't they just wonderful! Consider ourselves lucky! Lori L.


Loved your blog today.. I am a big reader and lover of books.... My shelves are full and there are plenty for the little oness also

Sarah ~ Magnolia's Attic

Ah yes, shelves and boxes of books surround me! I, fortunately, kept many of the books of my youth, and just about all of my children's. They have already taken their favorites! My daughter discovered Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books on my shelves, and took them for her daughter -- she said that Mrs. PW books were the best teaching books of all time and were some of her childhood favorites!


What a great book collection. I can tell how wise and caing your mom is...Christine

cottage and broome

How nice you have books from your childhood I wish I still had some of mine. Laura


What a beautiful collection of books of the passed times. In our family everybody loves to rad too and that is a blessing. It is so good for them when they grow up.
Have a nice week.

Tammy Faye

Wow! I have that very same set of 'My Book House' books. They were purchased for my oldest son back in 1963! The "Grands" love them now. What a surprise to see these on your blog. Happy reading to all your family...

Kim, USA

I think my mom is the one who is influence me to read. She is a teacher and since buying books in the Philippines is not a priority, she brought teachers journal and books from the school. I love reading but somehow I neglected it because of blogging,lol! Happy Monday!


jeanne, backyard neighbor

Hi Susan, Reading is a huge important pastime in our home as well. I was raised with a mom who could read out a library. I'm not kidding. Book are a big part of our lives. Your story of your sweet books just makes me smile. I love the photos too. especially ones of your dad and mom with you and your sister. You remind me of the way We were raised. Security and love with appreciation of a good book. My hubs and I read every Harry Potter book and loved them. My children and grands did too. Amazing imagination in the writing of that series. We all hated it to end. Smile.
Have a great day reading.
Hugs, Jeanne

PS. I was inspired and went to my sister's home and brought the unfinished 'squares' my mom made out of polyester home. I found out the quilt top is not put together. I am going to do it. Her embroidery is amazing.

Leah H.

Mom's knows best.. I missed my mom:(

Visiting for Blue Monday_ hope you can stop by:)


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Hi Susan! I'm glad you are feeling better~
I too, have some of my books from my childhood, but they, like yours and your children, didn't seem to hold their attention as much as they did mine. Oh well. I keep them, dust them, and remember, AND do the same with the books of my four that "we" couldn't part with.

Pat in New York

Hi Susan

I hope you will be A OK very soon! Are you taking antibiotics? My grandson had a bad cold and I have my fingers crossed I don't come down with it! My daughter's bridal shower is this weekend so I'm too busy to get sick..ack!

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