April 29, 2012


Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Wonderful place! I love whimsy. Thanks for sharing -- and thanks to the owners for allowing you to take pictures. Fun post, great ideas!.

Jenna Ericson

Calgo Gardens looks like a very magical place indeed. You'll have to show me when I'm home this month.
Love the buddha, too. I think that it will look lovely anywhere in our garden.

Brenda Kula

I can tell I would really like these folks! I do love the planted roofs. I've seen them before. Why not, I say? I would love to have been with you.


Thanks for sharing. I do really like the wreaths and potting shed too.


Great! Now I can't wait for your post on the Farmhouse! I adore Calgo. Can't wait to go next week for my Summer plants...and who am I kidding the gift shop too!

Pat in New York

Calgo Gardens looks like a fabulous place to shop and get all kinds of decorating inspiration, Susan. I love the living wreaths, the mosaic columns and the cute swing. Looking forward to seeing your other photos.

Leslie's Garden

How lucky you are to have such a fabulous place to get that one of a kind item for the garden! I'm sure it was hard to drag yourself away! I love the living wreaths.

Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook

I love that place! Love the whimsy and the colors. The potting shed is awesome! I could spend an entire day there.

dotsie (aka podso)

Wow it does look like an amazing place...so much to see and admire!

A Garden of Threads

Looks like a fabulous place to visit. I agree, love the potting shed, so cute.


Oh my goodness! What a wonderful place. I wouldn't know where to start (or stop)!!!!


Living walls and roofs is quite a big trend right now. I loved the colourful pots. V

Lavender Cottage

I could go crazy shopping in a place like this. The roof top garden is exciting and a hot topic with speakers and writers.
The big blue containers are on my wish list.

My Little Home and Garden

That garden centre is certainly full of ideas. What a good tip your friend gave you to visit it. It sounds like you had fun, Susan.


So much whimsy that I'm sure your eye didn't know where to land! Very neat shop and one that I know I'd enjoy visiting.


I would love to check this place out. It looks so beautiful and the potting shed roof is the best!


What a nice place. I see stuff I'd like to buy. Those living wreaths are such a good idea. I love your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan.


Beautiful photos.

My Blue Monday.


What a beautiful place. I cpould spend hours there and buy so much I couldn't carry it home. :)))So many gorgeous things.
Happy BM

heather @ new house, new home, new life.

Looks like a great place to visit and linger and get tons of ideas. I absolutely love, love, love the living wreath with the heucheras - what a terrific idea other than the usual succulents. May have to find it's way into my garden somehow.

Karen @ away for the weekend

I think I could happily get lost in this shop for hours!


Oh I could linger, long, & drool in a spot like this! It would be harmful to my checkbook but wonderful for my mental health! ADORE the potting shed with planted roof and those mosaic columns!!!


Hi Susan, Those living wreathing are beautiful and I may have to look into doing one of those myself. The cottage is charming and what a really topic for conversation. Thanks for taking us on the tour, I've found so much inspiration in your post.
Have a great week.

The French Hutch

Lavender Dreams

Aren't those living wreaths amazing! I bet they would do well in Florida where the humidity is always so high. Love getting ideas like this!


What beautiful and unique things they have at this store. I would love to see you do one of those living wreaths so you could share the process with us! And a living roottop too! Who would have thought? Looking forward to the inside.

Robin Flies South


Very pretty!! What a unique place. Happy Blue Monday ;)


This is a beautiful and interesting place and I love your post. I am anxious to see more photos of the farm house. Enjoy your week and thanks for the fun share!


What a fun place to visit! Thanks for taking us along.

Kelly @ DTTDidc

Wow, Calgo Gardens is just bursting with inspiration! So many wonderful things to see and ideas to try in your own garden. The living wreaths are beautiful, and the shed with the living roof is so charming.

Hope the Buddha is waiting there for you when you go back :-)


Such a lovely place :) HBM!
Thank you for stopping by and leaving sweet comment!
Greetings from Australia


All of your photos illustrate just how much fun one can have in the garden. Thanks for passing along some great ideas!


Oh wow I love those kinds of places. They are everywhere where I live. Some of the things in my garden are about to just fall apart and I love them that way. Glad I found your new spot.

Leah H.

Great shots! Beautiful place..

Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by:)



Oh so wonderful! Can't wait to see more.


~love the photos and the dreamy descriptions~
Looking forward to more!


Hi again Susan! Just popped in to invite ya see my What-not post....you'll like my aluminum what-not's 8o)
Just click pics for closer look.


I love all those colorful pots!

Jessica Cassidy

beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers :-) Dropping by from last weeks BM

William Gulliver

I had a fun tour by just looking at your photos! Everything was lovely! I felt like I was roaming a beautiful side of the planet. I was thrilled to see the pillars, especially the mosaic one. The color combination of the pieces put together is one of a kind. The curved one kind of has that design usually used in the Imperial Period and the pots are so lovely! But the green roof is what caught my attention the most. I can see the cactus growing on it and the colors mixing all together. =)

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