May 04, 2012



once again, beautiful pictures, and a dreamy, fun post to read. I am hoping the weather clears for the sales, and the festival on Sunday!
Check out my blog- I just mentioned you, and now that I think of it, I should have/could have gone on a bit more about you! I'm sorry I didn't!


What a great place. I love those chandeliers. Happy pink Saturday

Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook

I loved the outside and now the inside, fantastic things in there, what a fabulous place. Love the peonies, so pretty in pink!


Wowzers! I'd get lost in here for sure ... never want to leave.

Have a beautiful weekend ~


Happy Pink Saturday Susan Sweetie...
WOW how magical is this share. I too felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole floating past the most beautiful rooms there ever could be. The colors, the shapes and textures, the sounds. Oh my. I can see why you enjoyed it so much. I am thrilled you let me tag along through you post this evening. What a fun time.

A climbing hydrangea? I wonder if something like that would grow here in the Phoenix desert. I would so love something like that. The peonies I simply adore. There is nothing more beautiful when fully open. How pretty.

Thank you for sharing with me this evening. I truly enjoyed myself. Can't wait to see your next adventure. Many country hugs, Sherry

Francie Thornton

oh ohhhh it does look like a place to spend hours in ... Happy Pink Saturday !


Lovely peony!

Laura Ingalls Gunn


I love all the sweet touches and pink!

Happy pink Saturday, Happy Derby Day and ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Please stop by and enter my celebrate spring/moms giveaway.

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Wow what a gorgeous place with too many treasures to see at one time. We live in small places nowadays, so I'm not much of a collector any more, but I still enjoy browsing in a place like this one.

I especially love the old blue hutch (June Bride Special, I was told they were called) -- we used to have one of them (when we owned our home in Oregon)...gave it to our daughter and we visit it ;>) when we visit them!


Hi Susan, I would love to follow you around for a day. You find the best shops, this one I could spend some serious time in. So many pretties where to start……….Love all the color and whimsy. Great chandys, I see one that would have come home with me. Beautiful outside with all the flowers and plants. Thanks for the tour Susan.

the French Hutch


That looks like a fun shop! Do you think the peonies are early this year? Mine that usually bloom around Memorial Day are already beginning to unfurl. Very odd:@)


I'm in love with the light fixture!!

The Tablescaper

What a neat place!! Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper


I can see why you are still thinking about this gift shop....so much eye candy!


So much fun to look at! I just love looking around places like this. Great flowers!


Oh wow, what a lovely shop. I would like to buy the colorful glass ball for my garden. It must have been fun exploring this place. Great photos, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

Lavender Dreams

How amazing...so much to see and so much beautiful color! I could spend days in there!


I think it would be dangerous to go shopping with you! :D :D :D Lovely goodies!

ellen b

That really is a colorful place filled with interesting eye candy. Love peonies!

dotsie (aka podso)

What a bounty to look at! Great pics and the chandeliers are just fun!


Shops like these are so incredible. I've only visited one that was similar and I could've been there all day.

Those chandeliers...think you can make a knock-off? How amazing are they?!

heather @ new house, new home, new life.

What an amazing place. A girl could spend the afternoon there.


Wow a belly harp. First time I have seen one of those. I would be camping in there. Love the cobalt blue.


Must say the chandeliers caught my eye.. So many interesting items . Valerie

Lavender Cottage

What a place of neat things, I like the yellow chandy.

Pat in New York

Calgo Gardens certainly has the most wonderful items for sale, Susan. I would hvae been tempted to buy many that you showed.

I never heard of a "belly harp"! That made me smile. :)


I love that pottery bowl. Such an interesting shape and wonderful colours. Fun chandeliers, too.


That place looks like a lot of fun - just the sort of place to spend an hour or two on a weekend. Did you buy anything?

My Little Home And Garden

That looks like a great place for a wander. Handcrafted? I'm in!

A Garden of Threads

Beautiful glassware, it is so colourful. Have a great day.

Jane F @ Atticmag

Lots of fun stuff to see there. You inspire me to get into the dang car! Jane


So many interesting blues. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

Tina´s PicStory

how beautiful. i like the glass most :)


Thanks for sharing. I loved the chandeliers. So what did you wind up buying? Or did you just browse? Hey, before I moved to FL a year and half ago, I was a South Jersey girl. I sure do miss it sometimes, especially the food. My daughter had a friend from Red Bank.

Robin Flies South


I love that funky chandelier.

Kelly @ DTTDidc

Wow, the shop is a feast for the eyes for sure! Love the glass pieces, they're so colourful and pretty. And The light fixtures are amazing - any one of them would look great hanging above an outdoor dining table :-) And the whimsical green one would add the perfect touch of fantasy to any space :-)

Mel C.

pretty photos. i love your peony flower. :) visiting from blue monday. http://www.heartscontentofamama.com/2012/05/blue-pansy-some-blue-wild-flowers.html

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