July 15, 2012



Thanks for the shout-out. I used to have deer come into my yard and eat the shrubs. They were such a pain, but my husband loved having them. Did I ever tell you about the deer that ran into my car years ago? It ended up in my freezer. long story. but there are some venison recipes on my blog.


Thank goodness deer did not come near to the house but we have many bugs that eats the buds and leaves of my flowers. And yes venison is good look what they are eating hahahaha.



Sorry about the deer eating your flowers. Our daylilies have disappear too. I am sure the deer ate them. I have never tried venison and I still not sure if I want to.. You do have some beautiful shots of all the flowers. Thanks for sharing, hope you have a lovely week.

Lavender Dreams

You must really have a green thumb...everything is growing so big! Deer love all of the fresh leaves and buds of any plant though! Enjoy your week!


Thank you for the comment on my Mosaic Monday post, sugar. Nice to meet you!

ellen b

Our son likes to hunt so we've had some experience with venison. I bought him a venison cookbook...
Your mosaics are lovely!

Lavender Cottage

I'm lucky not to have deer in my gardens - yet! With all the houses being built they may move into the subdivision in the future.
You still have lots of pretty flowers that you shared, I'm going to check out the lentil salad.

A Garden of Threads

Sorry to hear about your deer problem. The wildlife has been busy this season, I have groundhog problems.


Until we put up deer fencing on nearly 2 acres we couldn't grow a thing. I'd certainly eat venison if anyone was to shoot a deer - no qualms! I'd cook it long and slow, wrapped in bacon, sprinkled with onion and in a sauce of red wine.

Pat in New York

I've tasted venison once or twice but I wasn't a big fan of it as it, Susan as it was stringy and gamey tasting. Perhaps it wasn't cooked properly?

I know it must be frustrating to have your flowers and vegetables eaten by deer, but they are wild animals and don't know ay better. In fact they probably do think of your gardens as a buffet..lol!

My daughter in Colorado has deer, elk and rabbit visiting her backyard so she can't plant much at all, but she loves seeing the animals and doesn't mind.

Mary Howell Cromer

Hmm...did you send your deer in my direction by any chance;') I live in KY and we have tons of them, everywhere. Right now there are scores of twin and triplet fawns to. Cute little buddies...they, the doe and the fawns ate among other things, the whole side off of my Norway Spruce that I paid $85.00 for and had to have help to get planted...so I understand completely. Now for the Venison, I have tried it several ways, when others have prepared it...I will stick to beef. Have a great week~


I am impressed that you have a sense of humor after the deer ate your plants. Your lunch looked delicious. Valerie

Denise at Forest Manor

Hi Susan,

I can certainly relate to your deer problems; they're a real nuisance to the gardens in our area. However, I've never eaten venison, so I can't help you there.

How wonderful of your daughter to prepare a birthday dinner just for you! I love your flower mosaic; it's truly my favorite. You're right that it looks like a box full of crayons. I've always thought Zinnias have the most glorious colors. The Gladiolus are beautiful, too. Cousin Itt definitely made me smile. :) Great post!

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to leave a comment. I hope you have a wonderful week!



We have plenty of deer in our area but for some reason they have not been eating my flowers this year. My neighbor must have better tasting ones. Your mosaics are lovely.


Pretty flowers......I've never learned to appreciate venison. ;-)
Happy Blue Monday....Sarah


I have eaten venison before; it was a bit tough.

You raised yourself a good daughter who will cook for you! Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Susan.


such a lovely bunch of pics - your garden is wonderful - sorry the deer ate the glads, but now you're eating him!


Pretty blooms.

I played too. Mine are here and here.



Sorry about the deer :(

Leah H.

The foods look so yummy!

Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..



Gorgeous varieties of irises! Visiting from Blue Monday.

Please come and see my BLUES at Pleasurable Hobbies blog. Have a great week ahead.


Pretty blue flowers, great mosaic ;))

jeanne, backyard neighbor

Your post is fun to read today. Your dtr's blue top is enough blue to qualify today's post just fine.

We do eat quite a bit of venison here in the mountains of Western NC. In fact tonight I am cooking tenderloins. I marinate them and cook them rare like a steak. Delicious. Ground venison makes a great spaghetti sauce as well. Thanks for the chuckle but I know deer are pests when it comes to our flowers and plants. I use deer away but it smells terrible and is very expensive.

Lucky you to have someone who loves you cook for you. Oh happy day if someone would do that for me. Big smile here.

Happy Blue Monday,
Hugs, Jeanne

Pamela Gordon

I'm sorry the deer are liking your garden too much. They are such a nuisance aren't they. Your mosaics are beautiful with lots of pretty and colourful blooms. Pamela

My Little Home and Garden

You can't beat having someone cook a delicious dinner for you! I really like the photos in the collage that show the brightly coloured flowers, Susan.


Oh, those nasty deer! I have problems with rabbits eating way too much in my yard but deer can do so much more.

My cleome are doing well. They look a little wilted during these 100+ degree days but perk up each evening. Pretty photos.

Pat in New York

Hi Susan!

Thinking about you and hoping all is well!

{{{ hugs}}



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