December 06, 2012



Congratulations on your determination to get moving and get fit. That's a good lesson for us all. So glad you're ok, after Sandy, even though you had a bit of a loss there. I've been down volunteering so I know what devastation there has been. I'm glad you got a chance to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway. The photos are beautiful.


That's right... you're in kickass shape now!
Everone, my awesome mother.


Your time spent working out is probably far more beneficial than sitting at a computer. I'm with you when it comes to going kicking and screaming into the next phase of life which simply stated is getting old!


Good for you, to have gotten off the couch (as in my case, rather than chair) and working out! I started blogging a little over a year ago, and pretty quickly became aware of how much sitting I was doing as a result. When I do a tablescape I feel like one of the benefits is that I'm up and down to the basement and back, and climbing or stooping to find items not used often, so I'm always glad about that. I'm so sorry about that crazy storm...it had/has to be an awful scenario. Best wishes to you as you get through all the repairs. Please stop by and visit. ~Zuni

Jill Harrison

loved reading your story and seeing your images - particularly those mountains. Yes, that is a great movie! And I was sorry to read about the devastation you suffered during the storms, and hope that you are picking up the pieces of life again. No doubt you are very grateful compared to what some suffered. Oh, and good on you for getting out there and exercising. I am sure you feel a lot better for it.
Have a wonderful week & take care. I am linking up to you through Mosaic Monday.


I congratulate you! And, I'm happy that you've come back to blogging. I love your shots of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I have been there and I have loved those same views. Thanks for sharing.

You didn't link in a picture, so as soon as I leave this comment, I'll do that for you.

Happy Blue Monday, Sue.


Your hard work paid off.

My Blue Monday.


Good for you, Susan! Wish I could shed some of my unwanted pounds, too:)

Visiting from Blue Monday- hope you can stop by:



We honeymooned in Dillsboro at the Dillsboro Inn by that wonderful river and little water fall! Beatufiul area. Glad you were rested and rejunvinated before Sandy came and blew you away! Hope things are back to normal soon!


What an awesome trip- love the pics!
Congrats on losing weight and getting in shape- that's not an easy task. I am trying to talk myself into doing just that!:)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I'm so glad you are back to blogging, Susan, but I agree you were on a break for a good reason to exercise more! I have tio do the same once life clams down. Right now I am knee deep in packing paper and boxes preparing fr our move in January.

Sandy was horrible! I'm sorry to hear you had damage. We were incredibly lucky as two block in either direction people were flooded in 3 -5 feet of water from the surge. Our house is on slightly higher ground. We did not even lose power!

The Blue Ridge Mountaisn are so beautiful! One of our first vacations when we were newly married was a drive along the BR Pkwy.

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